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Is Shared Child Custody Beneficial for the Child?


In Shared Child Custody, the children get the legal right to spend time with both parents, where both parents are involved in making decisions for them. Shared Child Custody brings less stress as the children maintain a healthy relationship with their parents. 

However, certain factors depend on which arrangement is made, such as the child’s age, painting schedules, and each parent’s geographical distance and each parent’s geographical distance. 

So, let’s discuss the benefits of shared child custody and the types of custody arrangements in Toronto.

What are the benefits of shared child custody?

When two parents are interested in proceeding with Shared Child Custody, they can go to a family law firm Toronto to discuss their plans and whether the arrangement would be sound. A family lawyer can help them understand whether they are on the same page. 

The benefits that a Shared Child Custody brings for both parents and children are:

  • Both parents can get actively involved in the lives of their children.
  • The children bond with both parents.
  • The children can maintain a stable and routine life.
  • The parenting responsibility does not become a burden for one parent as both share it.
  • Children become more flexible in making decisions and facing life challenges.

What are the types of custody arrangements in Toronto?

Child custody arrangements have specific types, such as:

  • Sole child custody 

Sole child custody is an arrangement in which only one parent is given the primary responsibility of the child who can serve the best interest. It can be the father or mother who has the right to make all the critical decisions regarding the child, including health, education, and other well-being. This legal decision is made when the parents cannot co-parent or when safety issues are associated with the child.

  • Joint child custody 

In Joint child custody, the arrangement is between both parties, and they have an equal right to make significant decisions for the children, such as health, education, and welfare. However, the child usually has a primary residence and stays with only one parent.

  • Shared child custody

Shared Child Custody is an arrangement where parents care for the children equally and are responsible for making significant health, education, and welfare decisions. The child can live with both parents, and both parents decide the duration of the stay. Based on the agreement, one parent can get several weeks, while other parents can get just one week. However, every decision is taken to meet the child’s best interest. 

Summing it up

Previously, it was believed that the parent taking 40% of the time to care for the child has to pay less child support, but a recent Supreme Court of Canada case mentioned that it might not necessarily be the case. Child custody is decided based on the parents’ cooperative nature and prioritizing the child’s requirements. However, it becomes challenging to agree, but with the help of the lawyers of the Toronto family law firm, legal decisions can be made quickly, which would provide the best outcome for the family.

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