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Is Violent Night the New Die Hard for christmas action fans?


Despite Die Hard being one of the most popular Christmas movies ever made, there haven’t been many other action epics set during the holiday period. Tommy Wirkola spotted a gap in the market and released Violent Night this year.

The film was met with positive reviews, and it could serve to be the go-to Christmas flick for action aficionados in the years ahead. There’s no doubt that audiences will appreciate this original take on festive themes.

Original christmas content

When you look through the endless list of Christmas films out there, most of them follow a common thread with the same tried-and-tested tropes. The vast majority are romantic comedies, and the most frequent theme involves non-believing characters growing to enjoy the magic of the holiday.

Throughout the wider entertainment industry, though, it’s clear that audiences are searching for something new. They want content that offers a different interpretation of the festive period. One place where internet users can find alternative Christmas entertainment is online casinos. These sites have catered for today’s audiences with futuristic payment methods. When players use crypto in online casino to top up their accounts, they can access a range of Christmas-themed games. These include titles like Naughty Nick’s Book and Fishin’ Christmas Pots of Gold. Both these titles flip the script on classic holiday games.

Violent Night is the latest entertainment offering to give audiences a fresh perspective on Christmas, and that’s why it could go on to become a classic. This is a fully fledged action movie that happens to involve a few unique Christmas references.

Violent Night combines action with christmas cheer

Violent Night is all about a group of criminals who take a wealthy family hostage. David Harbour’s Santa Claus has to save the day by taking out the team of highly trained mercenaries one by one. Canadian viewers were treated to the title before the rest of the world on December 2, and the initial feedback from critics was positive.

The great thing about Violent Night is that, alongside all the intense and graphic action, it also involves a healthy dose of Christmas cheer. Harbour has numerous one-liners that John McClane would be proud of, and these are almost always related to Christmas songs or themes.

David Harbour is becoming a top action star

Harbour has been a late arrival in the Hollywood circuit, but the 47-year-old is quickly establishing himself as an action star. After gaining mainstream fame playing Jim Hopper in Stranger Things, the American actor has taken on some high-profile projects. Since 2016, he has starred in Hellboy and Black Widow and is set to play a key role in Gran Turismo next year.

There’s a strong chance that Harbour’s incredible performance in Violent Night will get him more roles across the action genre. Indeed, it could potentially have the same effect on Harbour’s career as Taken did on Liam Neeson’s.

If you haven’t seen Violent Night yet, you’d better add it to your holiday viewing list. This one has the potential to usurp Die Hard as the number one action romp for festive film viewers.

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