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Jamaica Tourist Board invites Torontonians to celebrate PATTY DAY on Feb 23


Toronto celebrates Jamaica Patty Day — TORONTO, ON – February 22, 2021 – The Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) is encouraging Toronto-area foodies to enjoy a delicious snack from their favourite Jamaican patty vendor on Tuesday, February 23 in honour of the 36th Patty Day. The annual food holiday recognizes a unique part of Toronto’s history while acknowledging the important contributions the Jamaican community has made on the city’s cultural landscape.

As one of the world’s most multicultural cities, Toronto is renowned for its diverse culinary offerings and ethnic cuisines. The city has a particularly interesting history with the humble Jamaican patty dating back more than three decades. In February 1985, the infamous ‘Patty Wars’ took over the city when city’s food inspectors told several local Jamaican patty vendors that they could no longer use the term “beef patties”. Negotiations were held and the patty vendors eventually prevailed. To commemorate the peaceful resolution of this delicious dispute, February 23 has been henceforth known in Toronto as Patty Day.

Crumb’s Patties photo by @ms.pink.mochi

“The people of Toronto are very passionate about this staple Jamaican snack food; everyone has an opinion about who makes the best beef patty in town,” said Angella Bennett, Regional Director – Canada, Jamaica Tourist Board. “While we aren’t able to travel to Jamaica right now, we encourage everyone to celebrate Patty Day on February 23 and savour a taste of the island here at home.”

Toronto Mayor John Tory also shared a special letter with the JTB and Toronto’s Jamaican community acknowledging the importance of Patty Day.

“It gives me great pleasure to extend greetings and congratulations to Toronto’s Jamaican community as it celebrates the Jamaican patty, and its long history,” said Mayor John Tory. “Toronto’s infamous Patty Wars took place over three decades ago over what to call the pastries filled with meat. It was eventually resolved on February 23, 1985 and the community marks the date each year in celebration of the patty.Itis a fun way to celebrate one of the unique flavours of Jamaica and provides a way to enjoy the savoury and flaky treat that has earned its way into the hearts of many,” the Mayor’s letter reads.

Jamaican Patties, photo by Jamaican Tourist Board

From savoury meat patties and juicy jerk to spicy peppered shrimp and rich oxtail stew, Jamaica’s vibrant culinary heritage makes the tropical destination a must-visit spot for foodies. To learn more about Jamaican cuisine, visit visitjamaica.com/feel-the-vibe/cuisine.

lead photo by Randy’s Patties

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