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Kitchen customization: what are the secrets and advantages


Beautiful kitchen furniture is not only interior decoration but also an important component of convenience and comfort. Buying ready-made kitchen furniture that fully meets the requirements of the owners and the layout of the premises is not an easy task. That is why many people prefer to make it on an individual project. It is worth clarifying and an important point. From all the main elements of the kitchen, such as refrigerator, sink, oven, stove, etc., only the cabinets can be customized and made to order. A kitchen customization performs a connecting role between the room and kitchen equipment, and when we talk about a custom kitchen, in fact, we are talking about custom furniture.

The advantages of making a custom kitchen by order

The choice for a custom kitchen is obvious for several reasons:

Full compliance with the layout. Built-in kitchens are made to order according to measurements. All custom kitchen furniture is made strictly in accordance with drawings, which are developed not only by the client and designer but also by engineers. This takes into account the location of pipe laying, installation of heating equipment, plumbing, household appliances, the location of switches, sockets, windows, etc.

Taking into account the wishes of the customer. Everyone has their own ideas about their kitchen. Their own habits regarding the arrangement of things, the organization of the workspace, and storage space. In this case, it is important to take into account not only the kitchen customization but also regarding the colour, height and width of the cabinets, the way of opening them, etc.

Uniqueness. When planning the organization of housing, the owner often strives for uniqueness. Factory kitchen cabinets are being produced according to standard designs. This increases the risk of meeting similar headsets in other apartments.

Cost flexibility. Modern Canadian manufacturers will help prepare a project that meets both the wishes and the budget, of course within a reasonable framework.

Custom kitchens arranged by real professionals. When you go to the professionals, it makes things a lot easier. After you make an order they will prepare a project for technical specifications and measurements, provide its visualization in a three-dimensional format, give expert advice on any issue, from materials to popular styles.

Kitchen customization

Materials, styles, popular formats of modern kitchens

The first thing the customer pays attention to is the material of the cabinets. The most expensive furniture is made of valuable wood species. This option is rarely chosen today. The reason for this is not only the high cost but also the impressive weight, bulkiness, difficulty in care. Furniture that is made of veneer panels is becoming a popular alternative.

Modern kitchens are most often constructed from MDF, chipboard with a laminated coating. These materials are safe, reliable, and have a long service life when properly processed. Their important advantage is a variety of design solutions. You can pick up an external board that imitates different types of wood, natural leather, stone, textiles. Fans of creative ideas have the opportunity to order photo printing, making the facades of custom cabinets truly unique.

The design type of headset plays an important role. Most often there are L-shaped and U-shaped kitchens. They do not clutter up space and leave a lot of free space for movement. Household appliances are built into the furniture. Pipes and other elements of engineering systems are hidden behind boxes and cabinets.

Custom island headsets look good in spacious kitchens. Their peculiarity lies in the placement of the working area in the centre. The advantages of the solution are the maximum proximity of all components used in the cooking process – sinks, stoves, ovens, etc. In non-standard rooms, sets are installed with the parallel placement of objects.

The kitchen custom furniture can increase convenience, functionality, and practicality. Even very small spaces become more comfortable. But the desired effect can be achieved only by entrusting the solution of the problem to professionals with extensive experience.

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