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LEAHY bring Celtic Roots & Christmas Cheer to Hugh’s Room


LAKEFIELD, ON – Experience the power and beauty of Canadian Celtic music with the award-winning LEAHY as they bring their Celtic Roots & Christmas Cheer to Hugh’s Room on Friday December 15, 2023!

Leahy one of Canada’s most well-known musical families – definitely now a dynasty – will bring their fiery Celtic-inspired virtuosic playing, and spiritous step dancing to Toronto just in time for the Holidays.

The Ontario-based multi-talented, Leahy will be blending their unique take on much loved holiday favourites with the fabulous Celtic music with new sounds and trademark French-Canadian step dancing.


The story of LEAHY

The story of LEAHY began decades ago when Ontario fiddle-player Frank Leahy met Cape Breton step-dancer Julia MacDonnell at a fiddle and step-dancing competition in the Ottawa Valley.  Their love of music was passed down to their eleven children, and The Leahy Family quickly gained a reputation for their performances at competitions, fairs, and exhibitions across the nation.

As the global Celtic music renaissance took off, LEAHY emerged on the international scene with their own Canadian Celtic music sound, earning a major label record deal and numerous awards. A timely performance at the JUNOs led to the band opening for another famous Canadian, Shania Twain, on her record-breaking Come On Over world tour.  This opportunity put their powerful performance in front of millions of music fans throughout North America and the UK. To date, LEAHY has sold more than half a million albums worldwide and received multiple awards including 3 JUNOs, a CCMA, and a Gemini.

LEAHY still going strong today

Fast-forward to now.  LEAHY is still going strong, making new music and touring.  Their most recent album, Good Water, was produced by Grammy Award-winning fellow Canadian, David Bottrill.  With new instrumental works and stunning vocals and sibling harmonies, LEAHY has expanded their sound by incorporating new instruments – electric guitar and accordion.  The result is an unforgettable listening experience from this intrepid musical group.

What is LEAHY like live?

But it’s their live performance that truly sets LEAHY apart.  Their undeniable musicianship and sibling connection will be on full display along with their fiery step-dancing at Kingston Grand Theatre.  Making the evening even more special will be some of LEAHY’s own children – seasoned musicians in their own right – who will join the band on stage, adding another layer of family dynamics and musical brilliance to an already impressive show.

Whether you’re a devoted fan of Celtic music or simply looking for an uplifting and dynamic performance, you’re heartily invited to join the party! Get ready for an experience that will stay with you long after the show is over! “

Also, check out our new YouTube music series – LEAHY: From the Inside.  The performance bits were filmed at the show noted above.  LEAHY YouTube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/@leahy6717

Who will be performing at the Toronto LEAHY show

For the Hugh’s room gig LEAHY will include the original core band, and four of their drummer Frank’s teenage children. Donnell Leahy will not be in the lineup as he and his world famous fiddle playing wife, from Cape Breton, Natalie MacMaster are on tour in the United States.

Here is the LEAHY lineup for the show at Hugh’s Room on December 15, 2023:

Erin – piano, fiddle, vocals

Siobheann – bass, vocals

Frank – drums

Denise – lead vocals, piano

Maria – acoustic guitar, mandolin, vocals

Xavier – electric guitar, acoustic guitar, fiddle, accordion

Savannah – fiddle, step dancer, vocals

Mariah – step dancer, vocals

Julyana – step dancer

“This family brings pure joy! With their amazing, natural talent and charming delivery, this up-tempo show will never be forgotten.”



WHERE: The new Hugh’s Room is located at 296 BROADVIEW



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