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Leave your hat on! Wearing the right hat will add more style to your look


Hats will never go out of fashion!

People consider it as a style-enhancing accessory that both men and women sport all through the year. You can choose from the different types of hats that are perfect for the warm and cold seasons. Do you have a weakness for hats? If yes, you must learn more about them before adding more hats to your collection, which will fit you correctly. If you have more hats, you can play up with your style more and create different looks.

However, not everybody knows their way around hats! If you want to style your hat like a pro, read on. Here we share some of the essential tips and guidelines about styling yourself with a hat.

How to select a hat based on face shape?

Before you move onto the face shape, it’s essential to focus a bit on the head size. Today, there are people with big heads who require larger hats. It is necessary to take your head size and get in touch with authentic hat makers who specialize in hats for big heads, and then get your hats customized. Today, you will find plenty of them online, so search well.

Also, before you select a hat, you must take a look at your face shape. It makes perfect sense that way. A hat needs to complement you and your face. Here are a few considerations that you should know:

  • The Square Face

Women who have a solid and pronounced jawline can select a hat that has a tilted or round brim that comes down a little over the face. The fedora hats are suitable for this face shape. You can wear it slightly tilted on a side as that will gently break the square face symmetry.

That is not all! If you have a square face, you can also opt-in for a cowboy hat with a low and wider brim. It would be best if you weren’t selecting hats that wholly curl up. It would be best if you choose hats that are floppy and have wide brims. Also, avoid wearing short brimmed hats. That means you should not select a schoolboy cap. Generally, it’s best if you use straw hats with brims instead of tight woollen hats. If you want your face to look visually longer, you can choose a hat that fits high on your forehead, as the bowler and beret hats.

  • The Oval Face

If you have an oval-shaped face, you can choose any hat type you want! Go ahead with the schoolboy hats, cloches, and fedoras, and look fantastic. An oval face is the ideal face type for most hats, and you will not have trouble sporting a hat you like.

  • The Round Face

If you have a round face, you should select a shallow and tall hat and elongate your face. You should have ample space between the scalp top and the hat top. Choose brimmed hats, such as asymmetrical brimmed hats, instead of round brimmed hats. You can choose a wide brim hat, as a wider brim will make your face look narrower. You can also opt-in for the cowboy hat. Leather hats are also a good choice.

  • The Thin Face

If you want your thin face to look rounder, you can select flared hats with wide brims. However, ensure that the brim is not wider than the shoulders. If you want your face to look slightly shorter, you can tactfully shorten the forehead by pushing your hat down. It would be best if you did not go for a tall-crowned hat to make your face appear thinner. You should also not opt-in for shallow hats.

  • The Heart-shaped Face

If you have a heart-shaped face, you should avert wide hats that can accentuate your forehead. You can opt-in for the hats with medium-length brims, berets, and the ones that will sit near the head.

How to wear hats?

There are so many kinds of hats available, and each gets worn differently! You need to select a cap based on your skin colour and face shape. It is essential to style your hair correctly when you are wearing a hat. Ensure that the hat sits perfectly on your head and complements your face. You can let your hair hang down as you wear your hat. If you are wearing winter hats, you can slip your hair beneath the hat.

Make sure you choose the correct hat size so that you are comfortable. Don’t opt-in for a tight hat, as that might lead to a headache. Also, don’t choose a loose fitting hat that might fall or blow off in a slight gust of wind. You can visit Americanhatmakers.com to check out some of the best hats for your face.

Also, there are few hats that you need to wear in a certain way. For instance, if you are wearing a beret, make sure to wear it on one side. If you are wearing a fedora, put it over the eyebrows. You can use your imagination and let your mood guide you through creating the best style.

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