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Design your own hoodies and create a brand


A sporty sweatshirt or jacket with a hood began trending from the year 1990. Since then, hoodies have been selling like crazy. The increased demand led to opportunities for many businesses to get a massive market for their products. 

People love to buy designer hoodies. If you are looking for a startup idea, you can print on demand for your brand logo and sell hoodies to gain publicity. Customized hoodies have appeared as the current style statement, and people are even wearing them to their professional business meetings. 

Another trend is to customize hoodies with embroidery or with unique patches like custom baseball patches or achievement patches.

Here, we have gathered the step-by-step procedure of starting your own hoodie brand and making a profit from the clever startup idea. 

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Step # 1: Plan in Advance

The best way to initiate any business venture or even any project is to write down and plan all possible aspects. Plan how much capital you will be investing. All your proceedings depend on the amount of your investments. 

You also need to plan the product from scratch, i.e., what would be the fabric, would you buy ready hoodies and customize them, or would you prefer having them stitched according to your tastes. 

It would be best if you also looked into the technical aspects of how to sell your hoodies. Would you initiate an online store or sell out on a Facebook business account. What kind of packaging and delivery service you’d be employing. 

In addition, plan your customer services after sales, which is very important to build rapport and make people trust your brand and product. These small things make your startup grow and flourish.

Step # 2: Do Market Research

An essential thing in your business is the quality of your product and its compatibility in the market. Therefore, you need thorough market research to know what kind of fabrics in hoodies are hot commodities and sell the most. You could also do a survey and ask people around for their favourite hoodie styles and colours. 

Market research is also required to determine the price of your product. To be competitive in the market, you need to fix prices so that they are not above the other existing brands or people wouldn’t buy your product, as there will be cheaper alternatives available. Also, your price shouldn’t be so low that there is no room for profit, or all your efforts will go in vain.

Many brands start with low prices where they earn next to no profit, as they are looking to build their clientele and reputation. Once people are accustomed to buying their product, they will do so even if the company raises prices to generate profit, and thus the business starts prospering.

Step # 3: Design your Hoodies

The initial step in starting a customized hoodie business is to start designing. This is the most inventive step and is a lot of fun too. Your initial market research has told you the kind of hoodies that people like to buy. Now you have to determine the designs. You could either design hoodies yourself or take the help of a professional designer. Many designers work freelance and will make several designs for you and charge you for their services. 

Hoodies with solid colour fabrics sell the most. Your hoodie line should have a distinctive characteristic that makes it stand out from all others in the market. You could opt for all-over prints, your logo, some catchy phrases that sound interesting and funny, or you could go for decent designs and keep them plain and simple. There are many hoodie design software that could help you design your customized hoodies.

Offering customized hoodies is also a good idea. Many businesses look for customized hoodies and t-shirts for advertising their brand. Another benefit is that you can print on demand for your brand to familiarize people with your startup.

Also, make it a point to show the initial sketches to family and friends and ask them to pick their favourite five. This way, you would have an idea of which ones would be favourites among customers and only produce those.

Step # 4: Select a Mode of Printing

Once your designs are ready, you have to choose a method to get your hoodies printed. There are various methods, and one of these would work best for you in your budget. You could opt for

printing your designs on blanks hoodies through a fabric printing machine. Or you could go for embroidery designs. 

If you choose to make hoodies from scratch, you could stamp your brand name on every step of the process. You can get a plain hoodie dyed or a screen printed. 

Step #5: Officially Start your Business

After your designs and printing methods are ready, the next stage is producing your visualized product into reality. You can officially register your business with the government bodies. Choose a brand name and logo which is easily distinguishable and identifiable. You can also initiate an online store where you would be selling your hoodies, and there are many e-commerce platforms available that would help you achieve your goals. 

Also, make arrangements with a shipping company you would collaborate with to get the product delivered to the customers efficiently to satisfy the customers. 

If your final consumers are satisfied, you are very close to achieving your goals and boosting your sales. Good luck with your new business.

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