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Life is Good and so are these Father’s Day gift ideas


TORONTO, ON., June 15, 2020 — Rather than giving dad another pair of socks or a tie for Father’s Day, this year you’ll be guaranteed to put a real (rather than forced) smile on his face with a super soft t-shirt by Life is Good clothing that speaks to who he is—a golfer, fishing enthusiast, nature lover, etc.

How about a t-shirt that reads The Goodfather in a logo that looks a heck of a lot like the logo from his favourite movie The Godfather? Or a t-shirt that says Get Your Daily Dose of Iron (with a graphic of golf irons) or Reel Cool Papa with a huge fish that surely Dad has caught already! These shirts are specifically designed for Father’s Day by Life is Good clothing.

Life is Good creates men’s and women’s t-shirts, hoodies and other apparel with optimistic messaging and unique, artistic designs. Their story is as memorable as their t-shirts!

In 1994 with just $78 left to their names, brothers Bert and John Jacobs designed their first Life is Good t-shirt. They packed up their used van with several boxes of t-shirts imprinted with the words Life is Good and headed to a street sale in their hometown of Boston. They sold 49 t-shirts in 45 minutes! They quickly discovered that these three simple words—Life is Good–would change their lives—yes, for good!

“We discovered how those three simple words could help people to focus on the good,” state the founders on their company website, lifeisgood.com. Soon emails and letters from customers came pouring in, stating how customers found strength or a much-needed laugh from the unique t-shirt designs which include everything from floral designs to cute sayings related to sports and life in general.

The Life is Good Community sprung up and today the company donates 10 per cent of net profits to the Life is Good Kids Foundation. Founded by Bert and John, the foundation positively impacts over 1 million children each year by providing childcare professionals with resources to inspire optimism and help kids in need.

Life is Good is committed to the mission of spreading the power of optimism. This is evident in several Father’s Day t-shirts sold on their website, such as the one which reads Life is Good, Dadisfaction Guaranteed.

For online orders and company stores in Canada and the U.S., visit lifeisgood.com

story by Laurie Wallace-Lynch

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