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Magical MERMAID BALL: Toronto’s Summer Kick-off Costume Party Returns June 7, 2024


TORONTO, May 28. 2024 – Toronto’s magical Mermaid Ball will return Friday, June 7 at the Drake Hotel for its sixth year in Toronto. Techno music headliner, Squid Lid says the Mermaid Ball is Toronto’s Summer Kick-off Costume Party that celebrates the brighter days of the summer season with an eclectic spectacle of costumes, music, and imaginative performances.

“This inclusive event allows party goers to immerse themselves into an evening of otherworldly wonder and amazement,” said Mermaid Ball producer James Zirco Fisher. “Not only is Mermaid Ball a summer launch party it is also a Toronto Pride friendly event encouraging openness, acceptance, and freedom of expression. It is also an homage to the Mermaid Parade that takes place at the end of June along the Boardwalk of Coney Island in Brooklyn, NYC. Like the spirit of the Parade, everyone is invited to get creative, dress up, and shine with new and old friends at the Mermaid Ball!”

All three floors of the Drake Hotel

The Mermaid Ball is a highly anticipated annual party that takes place on all three floors of the Drake Hotel!  The top floor patio, usually called the SkyYard, is titled “Beach Life” for the night. Picture an island boat cruise with a stop at a wild beach party, complete with some of the best up+coming house DJs in the city, along with cocktails made by the Drake’s finest, all in the fresh summer’s night air! 

The middle floor is called “Under the Sea” where stranger merfolk can be found performing. Whether it be burlesque artists, live Musicians, flow dancers, body painters, or random games to play, there is so much to be discovered as if a deep sea diver was on an exciting new exploration. A broad range of music will be heard on this level with selections from deep house, psy tech, afro beat, and break beat mashups. 

Catch Squid Lid in The Trench

And finally, in the basement there lurks “The Trench”. This is a dark moody environment complete with a chrome coral reef and glowing dancers of many forms. The beats get very bass heavy and dirty in the depths of the Trench. This is where headliner Squid Lid performs along with others intending to make the Drake Underground sound system rumble while immersed in the dimly lit haze of the Trench!

Mermaid Ball promotes a vast array of artistic talent in Toronto with a diverse selection of performances throughout the venue. Attendees are encouraged to dress up; whether it be in merfolk-wear, or another summer fun character such as a pirate, snorkeler, octopus, beach bum, or even a sea cucumber.  There is no limit or restrictions to where the creative mind can go at this event. 

Wide range of music at Mermaid Ball Toronto

Mermaid Ball entertainment will include a wide range of music from house, drum n bass, afro tech, prog breaks, techno and groove beats from artists like Squid Lid, Sonic Griot of Afriquelikeme, Kjb, Marcus Visionary, Livingstone, CHNTEL., GrrlCrrsh with performances by Lady Ruby on Harp, The Wandering Mariners Pirate Band, The Pickle Fairies, and much much more.  For full lineup, past year videos and pics, as well as other fun details visit mermaidball.ca

About Squid Lid

SQUID LID is a Dark Electro spectacle for the everyday explorer. SQUID LID began in 2009 as an underground rave duo in Toronto, featuring deep bass beats with whimsical circus melodies while performing in signature glowing creature masks. After four official album releases, signing to NGP in Chicago, and appearances at SXSW, NXNE, Astral Harvest, Eclipse, Fan Expo, and touring across North America and Europe, this multi sensory project has evolved itself a number of times over. Currently focusing its efforts on three annual costume parties in Toronto,

The KRAMPUS BALL, The MERMAID BALL, and SKELEDANCE, Squid Lid continues to carve out a place for those in need of escapism from the day to day and a willingness to adventure into the range of strange.  Spearheaded by James Zirco Fisher, the project collaborates with many other companies and collectives like Mothmeister and Rue Morgue Magazine to make new exciting art intended to inspire and uplift the spirit.

For the latest murky music releases, a graphic novel band history, and all the glowy eye candy videos visit squidlid.com.

Just the details

Mermaid Ball
Friday, June 7, 2024
8pm – Late (19+)
The Drake Hotel, 1150 Queen St West
Tickets starting at $39

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