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Ontario confirms 17 new cases of COVID-19 including baby


March 12, 2020 – Ontario announced a huge jump of 17 new cases of COVID-19 today, including a boy under the age of one who was admitted to North York General.

None of the new cases contracted the virus from within the community. The newest group of cases were all travelling, mostly to places other than the COVID-19 identified geographic affected areas of: China, South Korea, Iran, Italy, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Seven had been to the United States, one case recently returned from Italy, another returned from Spain, while others visited Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and other undisclosed European destinations.

Health officials said the baby taken to North York General Hospital is listed as having contracted the coronavirus through close contact and is currently being isolated.

Of the 17 new cases, nine were reported by Toronto Public Health, in addition two are females 18-20 years old and one male, 70 years old in Peel. One is a male from Hamilton in his 50s, another is a male from Waterloo in his 40s, in addition to a male from Barrie in his 40s, as well as 2 females in their 40s from Ottawa and from Halton respectively.

Toronto’s nine new cases of COVID-19 range in age from infant to 60 and they presented to Sunnybrook, St. Michael’s and North York General.

Today’s new cases bring Ontario’s total number of COVID-19 infected cases including those recovered to 59.

For a detailed list of today’s 17 new cases visit ontario.ca

Canada now has 140 known cases of COVID-19 including recoveries, as well as one fatality.

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