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Ontario’s One Fare Program officially launches today! 


As announced earlier this month, the province – in collaboration with Metrolinx and local transit agencies, officially launches the One Fare Program. Starting today, February 26, 2024, through Ontario’s One Fare Program, transferring from one transit system to another will be simpler, more convenient and more affordable. 

Just Pay Once

Ontario’s One Fare Program allows transit users to only pay once when traveling between the TTC, GO Transit and participating transit systems like Brampton Transit, Durham Region Transit, MiWay and York Region Transit.   

When travelling between systems, the discount will be applied automatically when you tap a PRESTO card, credit or debit, or PRESTO in Google Wallet to connect between GO Transit, TTC and all participating transit systems.   

Here’s what you need to know:  

Free transfers:

For trips between the TTC and GO Transit, your TTC fare is free, regardless of travel direction and the cost of your TTC trip is discounted from your overall trip cost. For trips between the TTC and other local transit systems, the second fare of your trip is free. 

Transfer flexibility:

Transfers are valid for two hours when trips start on local transit and three hours when you tap on a GO bus or train.  

Proof of payment:

The payment method you use to tap is your proof of payment. Customers paying with PRESTO in Google Wallet, credit or debit card, must tap on and off with the same card.   

For an adult who commutes five days a week, the One Fare Program could save them up to $1,600 per year.    

You can learn more about Ontario’s One Fare Program here and watch a step by step video on our YouTube channel.

SOURCE Government of Ontario

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