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Overhead Door Maintenance Is Extremely Essential – Let’s Find Out the Reasons Behind It!


Overhead doors play a vital role in many companies’ regular operations. They allow convenient access for goods, vehicles, and personnel and ensure efficiency and security.

Nowadays, most industries and companies prefer installing such doors. Let’s understand three crucial reasons behind the maintenance of overhead doors in businesses.

1. Accident prevention 

Like other mechanical systems, planned maintenance for overhead doors is crucial for sustaining and maintaining longevity and optimal performance. This maintenance ensures proactive measures for detecting underlying issues before they lead to expensive disruptions and breakdowns. Preventive maintenance charges can save your business money, time, and resources.

2. Workplace safety 

Ensuring the safety of visitors and employees is the primary criterion for every business. Industrial overhead doors are incredibly fragile and operate under mechanical stress. Hence, if they are not properly maintained, they can lead to accidents. Regular maintenance helps identify safety issues, such as outdated components, malfunctioning sensors, etc. It even allows timely repair of faulty components, saving from safety hazards and extra expenditures.

3. Operational efficiency 

Thorough access is crucial for streamlining the workflow and maintaining regular productivity. Overhead door maintenance ensures that the doors operate smoothly without hustle or malfunctioning. By addressing and identifying performance issues, a business can easily optimize the working process and reduce time by increasing overall efficiency.

Do you know the risk of neglecting overhead door maintenance?

When you neglect regular maintenance, it can lead to severe consequences. Some of the risk factors that you can face are as follows:

  • Expensive repairs 

When minor issues are left unattended, they can quickly become significant problems, resulting in expensive repairs. Neglecting a misaligned door or a damaged track can later appear as severe damage.

  • Business interruptions 

If your overhead door stops functioning, your business operations can be stopped. This can result in a loss of productivity, shipment delay, and a negative impact on the business line.

  • Safety hazards 

If overhead doors are not correctly maintained, employees are at significant risk. Faulty springs, malfunctioning sensors, and damaged cables cause injuries and accidents.

How can you maintain overhead doors?

Follow the below steps:

  • Lubricating the moving parts 

Proper lubrication of the overhead door parts regularly ensures adequate and smooth functioning. Silicon-based lubricants help improve the rollers, tracks, springs, and hinges.

  • Conducting inspections regularly 

Regular visual inspection is the primary point for maintainingoverhead doors. It is crucial to check for signs of rust, loose hardware, wear, and dents. Also, inspecting springs, tracks, rollers, and cables is essential to ensure they function smoothly and are in working condition.

  • Keep the doors clean

If debris and dust accumulate on the overhead doors, remove them. If cleaning is neglected over time, it can lead to damage. Regular cleaning is suggested to prevent dust accumulation. Use a light detergent because harsh chemicals can damage it. 

  • Test the safety features

Modern overhead doors are designed with safety features like auto-reverse mechanisms and sensors. These features should be tested regularly to ensure that they are correctly functioning.

Summing it up:

Contact the experts occasionally to ensure that you don’t have any issues with the workings of industrial overhead doors. Get the door cleaned and fixed by the experts to avoid any problems in the long run!

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