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Pet of the Week – ‘Buddy the Portuguese Water Dog’


Buddy, an old Portuguese Water Dog, knows how to lay back and relax when he needs to. He has been a part of Janice Steward’s family for fourteen years, outliving the average median age of 12 and a half years for his breed.

img_0001   “He has been a constant source and energy in our home with his unconditional love and happiness. He has unknowingly taught us many invaluable life skills just from his presence in the home,” said Janice. “If there is an argument and voices are raised too loudly he will intervene with a soft bark… or a strong bark if it continues, thus reminding us to drop our octaves and speak to one another calmly.”

Buddy has also taught them the importance of laughter.

“When an instrument that he likes, such as a harmonica, flute or clarinet is played, he enthusiastically sings along! It’s truly hilarious!”

Another attribute he has taught them is great empathy. Whenever there has been an injury in the family like a torn calf muscle, a twisted ankle or a terrible cold, Buddy senses it and has been there with love. At times he licks the injured area, lying by their side and carrying the family member through it.

“He is now quite old and has slowed down incredibly but we will love and accept him throughout his life as he has done for us. Having a pet is a sense of pure loving goodness in a home. They actually complete the family circle.”

Buddy, is a true ‘buddy’, unconditionally.

By: Bonnie Wurst – mtltimes.ca

by Bonnie Wurst

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