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Pinterest announces their Top 100 Trends for 2020


From astrology-crazed ideas like space tattoos and NASA logo jumpsuits, everything space-related will be on trend for 2020, according to the recently released Pinterest 100 list. Their list covers top trends on everything from fashion and food to home décor and travel trends.

And while we may be intrigued by space, we humans are understandably passionate about trying to save our own planet. This includes a trend for responsible planet-loving, eco tourism, as well as experience-based travel.

Train travel is predicted to be a hot trend for 2020. And while we are travelling responsibly, we still want to have fun as we enjoy experienced-based activities which may challenge us and reward us at the same time.

Many of us may travel to places like Patagonia, Costa Rica or see the Galapagos Islands, while others will choose shorter “staycations” closer to home.

In fact, we may choose to stay home so we can enjoy our new, trending home theatre, audio room or garden room–other top trends for 2020, according to Pinterest.

Man Caves and She Sheds are making way for the new small house trend called a Granny Pod. Always loved your Grandma’s cooking? Now she can be close—real close—with her own mini house in your backyard! (Okay this may be a thing for those with a big yard and an equally big heart).

Here is a sample from the list but for all 100 trends be sure to check out the Pinterest Top 100 List for 2020.

Women’s Beauty trends include: growing out your grey hair, or some are going lilac, wearing bold red lipsticks with little makeup, glossy lips and eyelids, liquid exfoliators, and big hair bangs cut just above the brow.

Men’s Style trends include: plaid and mixing two different prints like plaid with polka dots, corduroy is back big time, wearing light wash denims 90’s style, retro-style watches, sling-bags (cringe), scarves, cropped trousers, and also visible pops of colour with quarter socks.

Travel trends include: taking the bus, visiting hot springs, visiting less populated islands, seeking out off the radar villages that are hidden gems, bike tours, zero waste travel, visiting castle ruins, surprise destinations with groups, and fall getaways.

Women’s Style trends include: bamboo handbags, African wax prints, funky sneakers, gathered gowns, pants and coats, snake skin prints, tortoise shell earrings, blocky oval sunglasses and robes or wraps.

For the complete list of the top 100 trends also including, hobbies, food, home, celebrations and health and wellness, visit: pinterest.ca

by Laurie Wallace-Lynch

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