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Planted Expo 2024 Toronto: How to Live Longer with Dr. Michael Greger


The much-anticipated Planted Expo, Canada’s premier event for health and wellness, is excited to announce its return to Toronto on March 23-24, 2024. This year, the expo is thrilled to feature the renowned Dr. Michael Greger, a pivotal voice in health and nutrition, as a special guest.

Dr. Michael Greger is famed for his insightful contributions to the recent hit Netflix docuseries “Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones” and “You Are What You Eat: A Twin Experiment”, will be gracing the event with a meet and greet, book signing, and a live podcast session. His appearance is particularly timely, as he has been a guiding force in the realm of longevity and nutritional well-being. Building on the solid foundation of his evidence-based nonprofit, NutritionFacts.org, Dr. Greger has also gained acclaim as a multi-time New York Times bestseller for books like “How Not to Die”. At Planted Expo he will be presenting his latest publication, “How Not to Age: The Scientific Approach to Getting Healthier as You Get Older.

The Planted Expo is the perfect venue for health enthusiasts and those curious about improving their lifestyle. Dr. Greger’s session, “How to Live Longer”, promises to delve deep into the secrets of living a healthier, longer life – a topic that resonates with many in today’s health-conscious society.

Tickets for the exclusive meet and greet and book signing with Dr. Gregor are now available. This is a unique opportunity for fans and followers to interact personally with Dr. Gregor, get their favorite books signed, and gain valuable insights into achieving optimal health.

The How to Live Longer podcast segment is expected to be a highlight of the expo, offering attendees the chance to be part of a dynamic and enlightening discussion about health, diet, and longevity.

“We are incredibly honored to host Dr. Michael Greger at this year’s Planted Expo,” said Stevan Mirkovich, co-owner. “His expertise and passion for health and wellness align perfectly with the ethos of our event. We believe his presence will greatly enrich the experience of our attendees and provide them with practical knowledge to lead healthier lives.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of an event that could redefine your approach to health and longevity. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit https://www.plantedlife.com.

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