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Raptors to allow limited player access at OVO Athletic Centre

TORONTO, ON., May 8, 2020 — Today, the Toronto Raptors and MLSE, announced that beginning May 11th, one player and one coach at a time will be allowed access to OVO Athletic Centre for shooting and skills practice. The court will be available to both individual players and coaches but locker rooms, medical facilities and offices will be off limits.

In the statement from the Raptors and MSLE, they say have been working closely with local government, infectious disease experts and public health authorities, will be facilitating limited access to OVO Athletic Centre for player workouts in line with league guidance. Strict protocols have been designed to ensure this initial level of access will take place in a safe, controlled, and healthy way.

MLSE and the Toronto Raptors have agreed one player with one coach at a time can practice at OVO Athletic Centre

Beginning the week of May 11th, players who choose to will be able to access OVO Athletic Centre, with the following safeguards in place:

  • Access is intended to allow players time on court for activities, such as shooting, that generally cannot be done at home. Players have weights and other workout equipment at their homes for additional conditioning.
  • The court is the only area that will be used by players and coaches – locker rooms, weight rooms, medical facilities, offices and other areas of the building will remain closed.
  • Though NBA guidelines allow for four players at a time in practice facilities, the Raptors have determined at this time we will have just one player at a time in our building.
  • The player will be accompanied by one coach. There will be no overlap between groups.
  • Staff members will wear gloves and masks at all times when in the building. Players will wear masks at all times except when on court.
  • A thorough cleaning of all spaces and equipment, including basketballs, will take place before and after each player uses the building.
  • Symptom and temperature checks will be done by team medical staff before anyone enters the facility.
  • There will be no media, public, or general staff access to the building, and security will be in place outside the facility to ensure physical distancing and the safety of everyone on site.

The Raptors said, “the safety of our players, staff and community is paramount,” and that the organisation are committed to adhering to public health guidelines and government directives intended to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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