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Real Estate Marketing Guide: How to start from scratch


In a world where most people have a personal smartphone, and they are consuming tons of content online, there is no shortage of finding clients for your business, even if you are in the business of selling and buying properties and apartments. But just like any other form of online business, finding the right client is a bit of a hit and miss if your marketing strategy isn’t on point.

As a real estate business owner, you need to climb a steep uphill battle to get ahead of your competition and lock the business deals online, and to do so, it takes a professional marketer who can provide valuable assistance especially when it comes to the highly complex and convoluted field which is the online marketing.

Today, you will learn some of the best real estate marketing tips and tricks that can help you attract business online. Whether it is for commercial, residential or vacation properties like dvc resale, even if you are from a non-technical background, you can implement these tips by yourself and start your online real estate marketing journey with ease. So hop on the learning train, and let’s get going.

Top Real Estate Marketing Guidelines You Must Know To Be Successful In Online Marketing

1 Create A Professional Website

The time for hiring a professional web developer is gone, and now you can create a website in just a few minutes with the help of online website creators like WordPress, Wix, etc. People who know how online marketing works know precisely why having a great website is essential. A website is like your online office, which your customers will visit and see all the different types of services you can provide. Moreover, it is also used as your portfolio, and you can share the previous property deals you were able to lock in.

It is also highly recommended that you develop a content marketing strategy to drive traffic to your website. Many businesses nowadays even use podcasting for this purpose, and SpotifyStorm is one of the most effective websites for increasing traffic towards your podcast, and ultimately your website. 

When you are building a website, keep one thing in mind, you need to focus on both the aesthetics and the functionality of your website. We know how much you want to make your website look amazing, but your website load time will be increased by adding several plugins. Thus, users with low-speed internet won’t see all the animations you are trying to fit into your website, resulting in a bad user experience.

Likewise, don’t aim to earn from the ads. If you are a professional business, it is fair to keep your website ads free, but if you are an individual real estate agent, then you can leave some space for ads, but make sure ads are not bombarded at your customer when they click on your website.

2 Use 3D Matterport Scans

This tip is specifically helpful for real estate businesses. With the help of a 3D scan, you can showcase the latest properties which are on sale. The software will stitch a 3D dollhouse of the entire property which can be seen on your website, and your buyer can use it to see if the property is worth their money or not. Moreover, you can even go for the latest Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology and provide your users with an in-house feel and experience of the property. This will make it easier for the buyer to know how a place feels like without being physically present in the estate. This is undoubtedly one of the best ideas for marketing a real estate business using the future tech, and it will give you an edge over your competitors.

3 Hire A Real Estate Photographer

If you have the budget, you should find the right photographer who can take perfect pictures of properties you are trying to auction. A lot of realtors don’t understand the importance of hiring a professional photographer. Human nature judges the book by its cover, especially when there are hundreds of properties listed. So you want something from your end to be appealing, which can show a clear picture of the property and how it looks from both the inside and the outside.

Professional real-estate photographers use specific lenses to capture the wide angles which cover the entire property in one frame and use the after-effects to enhance the color and sharpening of the image so all the required details of the property can be seen clearly. Editing out the photos doesn’t mean decorating them, but the aim is to make a picture clearer for a viewer to see.

4 Make Video Walkthroughs

This is undoubtedly not as immersive as our second tip, which is to use the 3D Matterport scanner of the property. But even videos can give a tremendous onsite experience that can mimic the realistic in-house experience. The videos don’t have to be professionally shot, which could easily cost you thousands of dollars. You can shoot the video on your own using your mobile camera and a Gimbal to keep the video focused and less shaky.

Once the videos are captured, you can edit them online using an online video editor like InVideo. You can find tons of templates to add text, audio, and visuals to make your video look more professionally shot. This real estate marketing will provide a better sense of perspective to the buyer and make it easier for them to buy the property.

5 Build Your Blog

Starting a blog might not sound like something you have to do when running an online real estate business. But that’s where you are wrong; see, in 2021, many millennials are buying their very first home, and your blog can help them a lot in making their decision. You can write about things that people need to know when buying a property, a villa, or a penthouse. Your expertise can be of great help to someone who doesn’t know a lot about properties. Use infographics to make blogs more enjoyable and easy to read. You might also consider providing your readers with equity data for real estate.

6 Develop Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best way to get the highest Return On Investment (ROI). Start by sending your customers a monthly newsletter about the latest change in property laws, along with the list of properties that are now up for auction. Also, make sure when you provide the listing of the new properties, you must attach photos and videos of the property.

Furthermore, if you know the client is interested in a specific property type, you can mail them as soon as you find something similar to their liking. This will help you create a better relationship with your customer and make them feel important. Also, don’t forget to make your emails personal; you must add some personal touches, some comments from your last conversation with the prospect. This will give them a better idea of the purpose of the mail and doesn’t make your email look like spam.

7 Partner With Local Businesses

Several real estate brokers are still working offline, and they didn’t think about using the internet to get more customers. You can help them get online customers, and in return, they give you a cut as a consultant fee. On the other hand, you can partner with home decor showrooms and coffee shops to help you promote your listings.

This is quite a unique way to encourage your potential customers to visit your website, office, or open house. You can even set up pop-up shops or small-scale competitions for children living close to the property. This will allow you to get customers onto the property, and once they are in the property, they can explore it as they like while their children are having fun of their own.

8 Ask For Referrals

Around 39% of real estate deals are done through referrals, and this is because real estate involves a lot of money. Thus, people are quite hesitant when making the purchase when they are not sure about the other party. With the referrals, you can easily have the required trust from the client, and they will be at ease. You can develop a referral scheme that will reward the person who brings in another customer to you.

Be careful about signing up your customer in the referral. You do not want to get straight to it, first ask them about their property purchase and how everything is going, and they are satisfied with their purchase. Also, get a monthly update from them about the purchase, and after 3 – 4 months, ask them to join your referral community and help your business grow.


These are some of the best methods to work out real estate marketing for your business. These real estate marketing techniques are easy to accomplish, and you don’t need to be sound in technical skills to get the best out of them. The internet is ever-expanding, and there is no doubt about the internet being beneficial for your business if you follow this real estate marketing guide.

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