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Ten ways to enjoy winter in Ontario


From November to mid-March each year, wintertime takes hold of Ontario. Though temperatures may intimidate many who live further south, most locals know it as a time to hunker down and enjoy life indoors. Here we look at Ten ways to enjoy winter in Ontario.

New to Ontario or just looking to add something fresh to your wintertime routine? Keep reading below for ten tricks to enliven winter.

Try indoor gardening

Mini-Greenhouses & Pickling

Creating an indoor greenhouse may sound like a chore, but DIY tricks abound. At its simplest, a greenhouse can be made from cardboard walls, plastic wrap encasing, and an egg carton for planting—though a site like Pinterest offers countless more creative ideas. Those with green thumbs recommend using specialized winter soil, but new technology is also here to help.

Greenhouses allow nature lovers to grow vegetables like potatoes, bok choi, spinach, kale, cabbage, and even Brussel sprouts during the winter. While you wait for summer, you can also pickle your favourite harvests. Simply boil a mix of vinegar, water, salt, and sugar and stir to dissolve the salt and sugar. Pour this brine over your jarred veggies and let time do the rest of the work.

Host a game night

Card & Social Deduction Games

Hosting a game night doesn’t have to include the standard charades or themed bingo. Given that Canada is home to one of the most diverse online gaming industries, it’s easier than ever to check out a brand like Unibet Canada for ways to enliven a game night. All that’s left to do is transform your living room into Monte Carlo.

Or, for those who prefer a little more intrigue and mystery, a classic Mafia Party Game is one way to keep up to 20 guests engaged. Not to mention, murder mystery games like Mafia Party can run concurrently with other activities. And much like during the Monte Carlo night, possible dress codes and themes abound.

Watch Winter Sports

World Pond Hockey and Cross-Country Skiing

Though the teams can’t compete with the Senators or the Maple Leafs, Canada’s World Pond Hockey has gained steam in the past few years as one of the top winter events. With a men’s and women’s championship series that runs each February, the purely Canadian sport may jump across the pond to Czechoslovakia soon.

Speaking of across the pond, another great way to celebrate winter indoors is by watching cross-country skiing from Norway. The sport delivers on views, excitement, and technical skill that snow-lovers can appreciate. Not to mention, groups like FIS Ski provide live streams of current competitions for free. Given Ontario and Oslo share a climate, some sights may feel familiar.

Get to Know the Sky

Watch the Northern Lights & Learn the Constellations

With so many short winter days, it pays to know the night sky. Those who aren’t able to get outside and see the beautiful, technicolor laces of the aurora borealis have options. Some groups offer 24-hour live streams of the natural phenomena, using high-tech cameras in locations like Churchill, Manitoba.

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