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Justin Trudeau thanks frontline workers and Canadian children


Today, from Rideau Cottage where PM Justin Trudeau is self-isolating, Canada’s Prime Minister thanked and acknowledged all of the frontline people working overtime to “keep us safe and to keep the country moving.” He also thanked all of Canada’s children doing their part.

Trudeau sent out a big thank you to: Hospital staff, Border Agents, Store Clerks, Cashiers, Postal Workers, Delivery Folks, Pharmacists, Cleaning Staff, First Responders, Truck Drivers, Train Conducters, Transit Workers and so many others.

“They’ve been working every day so we can work from home and practice social distancing,” said Trudeau. “Thank you for being there for us. Know that all Canadians are grateful for your service.”

“Thank you for being there for us.Know that all Canadians are grateful for your service.”

Trudeau also said the country knows that Canadians are worried about many things right now including: what will happen next; how long the COVID-19 pandemic will continue; “worried about your jobs and your savings; about your kids not being in school, and we get it. These are uncertain times and families across the country are concerned,” Trudeau told reporters and the nation.

Trudeau also explained “That’s why this week we took important steps to support Canadians, protect jobs and limit the spread of the virus.”

He reaffirmed the $82 billion plan to help business that have fallen on hard times because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The plan includes boosting the Canada Child Benefit, introduce new benefits to help people who don’t qualify for Unemployment Insurance, and supplement the GST credit amongst many other things.

In summarizing of what the federal government has done thus far during the COVID-19 crisis Trudeau stated that Canada introduced new funding for research and a new strategy to mobilise industry to help fight the virus. And that Parliament will return briefly on Tuesday to put the plan for emergency measures in to motion.

Canada’s Prime Minister ended on a positive note saying “I know that together we can protect Canadians, save jobs and set the groundwork for our economy to rebound after this crisis.”

“Staying at home as much as possible is the best way to help each other.” said Trudeau before thanking Canada’s children. “To all the kids out there, all of a sudden you can’t have play dates or sleepovers. Your playgrounds and schools have closed, and your March Break was certainly different than what you had hoped for.”

“Doctors and scientists have determined that social distancing by staying more than two metres apart and staying home as much as possible is the best way to help each other. And you are having to wash your hands a lot.

“Thank you for helping your parents working from home, sacrificing your usual day and for trusting in science.”

Trudeau ended today’s statement to the nation saying, “Let’s all make sure we do our part. Let’s fight this together.”

by @TerryLankstead

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