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The Best Resources for Creating Business Cards for Every Taste


Every self-respecting businessman, highly qualified specialist, or professional in any field of activity must have a card with their contact details. The presence of such a tool allows you to exchange your contact information with people at any time and in any place if you happen to meet potential customers or business partners.

Although electronic business cards are now gaining popularity, their paper predecessors are still in high demand. Many specialists still prefer paper versions to provide all the necessary information about themselves on a small piece of paper.

Today, many resources may help you design business cards. Many professionals also have the opportunity to use free mockups to come up with their unique versions. In this post, we will talk about several services that will help you in this matter.

Useful Resources

If a few years ago you had to think about what the card would look like, now on the Internet you can find a huge number of different templates for every taste and color. Such tools help everyone to come up with a design in a short time. You can be sure of getting a good result because such tools were created to help people who understand nothing about design.

However, there are several resources where you can see the largest number of various tools, as well as templates. Some of the best are Canva and VistaCreate. Using them, you can see that you can create not only business cards but also other printed products.


Before you start working, you have to go through the registration. You can fill in all the points yourself, or use the opportunity to speed up the process by using an account of one of the social networks.

After that, using a simple interface, you can find a section dedicated to creating business cards. By opening this section, you can see a huge variety of templates that are suitable for various professions. You can choose among business cards for photographers, musicians, web designers, lawyers, dentists, and many others. If you know exactly what color your card should be, then you can set the appropriate parameter and after that, you will see all kinds of options for the selected color.

Like other services, there are both free templates and paid ones, although there are a lot of free options. Here you can work on both sides of your business card. To your attention is a huge set of tools and elements with which you can decorate the card. You can add geometric shapes, graphics, photos, charts, and more. Moreover, if you do not want to use ready-made options, then you can choose an empty design and start the process from scratch.

Using this service, you will see how easy it is to create printed products. Even if you have never done something like this, you can easily navigate the proposed tools. All you have to do is select what you want to add and then drag and drop those elements onto your card layout. It can be inscriptions, illustrations, and the emblem of your company. After selecting an element, you will be able to select its settings at the top of the site.

Once you have completed your design, you will be offered the option to save your layout in one of three possible download formats.


Once you start working and designing your business card in this editor, you will see how the two resources have similar website design elements. However, their capabilities are slightly different. If you want to select one of the available templates, then here you will see how you will be prompted to select a template by category. You can choose pastel templates, color, black and white, with photos, and many others.

First of all, this service is convenient in that if you are creating a layout for the first time, you will see tooltips that will introduce you to all the tools, as well as the capabilities of this editor.

You will be pleased with the presence of a large number of elements that can be added. There are themed elements, geometric, various lines, arrows, gradient shapes, icons, emoji, and more.

When you manage to do your job flawlessly and you are satisfied with the result, you can save the layout also in three formats.

Final thoughts

Both services offer many different tools and design elements. You can try to come up with several options, save them to your account, and then choose the one you like, or change what you don’t like at any time.

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