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The Changing Technological Trends of Canada’s Online Casinos


Gambling is one of the oldest pastimes in the world, one that owes its longevity and lasting popularity to its steadfast adaptability. It has never stood still, whether it was incorporating big name entertainment in the Golden Era of Las Vegas or moving online before the turn of the Millennium, gambling has always moved forward.

In recent years, the industry has advanced at a faster rate than ever before. Online gambling companies – seemingly in a bid to squash land-based competitors – have invested heavily into improving their customer offering.

In this article we take a look at some of the technological advances and trends that are giving online casino sites the edge over established land-based venues like Casino Woodbine and Casino Niagara.

Live Streaming – Mimicking the casino experience

When gambling first moved online there was consternation amongst land-based owners who rightly recognised the threat that the remote sector posed. Despite this concern, many casino owners believed that online competitors would either prove to be a flash in the pan or insignificant.

There was no way, they thought, that online casinos could even come close to capturing the magical land-based casino experience that brought customers in by the thousands. Largely, that remained true for many years, until online casinos began to offer their players live streaming facilities.

Instead of offering customers a basic playing console with a virtual dealer, many Canadian online casinos like ca.888casino.com are now actually live streaming real dealers from realistic casino tables. Whilst this does not completely replace a real-life casino experience, it does go some way to levelling the playing field for online providers.

Live streaming casinos allow players to interact with dealers and croupiers much as they would in land-based casinos.

Mobile Gambling – Anywhere, any place

Going to a land-based casino is for many a big event in the calendar, something that they plan out weeks in advance and look forward to. Unless you live next door to a casino, it isn’t something you can do at the drop of a hat.

Whereas online gambling is something you can do whenever and wherever you want, certainly thanks to the improvements in mobile gambling services. Up until recently most online casinos were best accessed on desktop or laptop.

Recently huge improvements have been made to mobile app technology, allowing players to experience the full range of an online providers offering from their mobile device. This has given online casinos a huge edge in the gambling market as they can now cater for sporadic, impulsive and habitual gamblers.

There is simply no barrier to gambling now as there was thirty years ago when a player had to get in their car and make a purposeful visit to a roulette wheel or a blackjack table.

Choice – Variety really is the spice of life

When you think of a casino your mind will most probably jump to a tense poker table or a bustling and bursting baccarat gallery. It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that these traditional table games are the thing that really power and keep alive casinos.

However, it is slot machines that account for the vast majority of casino profits around the world. In the United States between 65-80% of land-based casino revenues come from shiny slot machines as oppose to more traditional casino games.

It is no different online, with slot machines accounting for £3 million of the £5 million of online gambling revenues in the United Kingdom. The most important thing for customers when it comes to slot machines is quantity rather than quality.

Where online casinos really excel is in their ability to offer a huge variety of slot machine selection to their customers. Whilst land-based casinos are constrained by physical demands such as space, online casinos are not.

It is no overestimation to say that some online casinos literally offer their customers a choice of thousands of slot games. In addition to this, slots are very easily adaptable to online technology, more so than traditional table games like blackjack.

For slots lovers there really is no distinction between gambling in a land-based casino and doing the same online. In fact, the ease of access in which they can play online actually makes it a more appealing option.

Staggering amounts of money have and continue to be invested into online slot machine development to keep the sector ahead of the curve and maintain an edge over land-based competitors.

Final Thoughts

Online casinos have utilised a plethora of technological trends and advances to improve their offering in recent years. This is something that is unlikely to change, with several leading names in the industry already well on their way to bringing virtual reality casinos onto the market.

The successful implementation of such technology would surely tip the balance irreversibly in favour of online providers and spell the beginning of a dramatic downturn in fortunes for the land-based sector.

Is that likely to happen soon? Well, you’d be a fool to bet against it.

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