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The Driving Force Behind Meaghan Long’s Commitment to Empowering Women


Choosing to rise above the petty competition that often plagues women in the workplace is a bold and revolutionary move, capable of sparking true change. Women championing each other’s successes instead of criticizing or competing is the true expression of women’s empowerment. With a thorough understanding of its importance, Meaghan Long, a successful entrepreneur, has always been driven by a strong desire to empower women. 

As a virtual assistant coach and business owner, Meaghan Long has found a unique way to use her skills and experience to help women achieve their goals and take control of their lives. She mentioned her goal, “I want to support women all over the world in creating time and financial freedom and create an amazing community of human-centered VAs in Freelance to Freedom of ambitious women who are ready to change their lives by becoming Virtual Assistants.”

Meaghan’’s commitment to empowering women is rooted in her own experiences. As a young woman, she struggled to find her place in the world and faced numerous challenges along the way, including her parent’s divorce, and then she left home and high school at the age of fifteen and sixteen respectively. But despite these obstacles, she never gave up on her dreams.

In lieu of succumbing to her experiences, she used them as motivation to help others. Meaghan became a virtual assistant coach because she saw a need for women to have more opportunities to work from home and create their own businesses. She also wanted to help women build the skills and confidence they need to succeed in the virtual assistant industry.

Meaghan believes that women have unique talents and abilities that can be harnessed to achieve great success. She is passionate about helping women discover their strengths and build successful careers as virtual assistants. Through her coaching and mentorship, Meaghan is able to empower women to take control of their lives and achieve their goals in Freelance to Freedom.

She is also actively involved in several communities, like Freelance to Freedom, that support women’s empowerment. The core goals of Freelance to Freedom is to create an impact with clients, by learning heart centred strategy bringing in 3-5K a month within the 12 week program by leveraging their transferable skills. Meaghan believes that by working together, women can create a life of freedom for themselves and their families. To learn more about Freelance to Freedom, visit her website!

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