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The rise of a digital MBA degree


When your job demands increase, and you realize that you lack some skills to perform productively and fruitfully, you need additional training or a post graduate degree which can enhance your skills. Your starting point would be the MBA, which turns yourself from a budding manager to a professional. With an MBA, you will be able to get better at your job and open the doors to a more lucrative career, a promotion or even the option to start your own business.

This degree gives you the opportunity to get a high paying job in a vast range of occupations in public as well as private sectors. Entrepreneurs can also benefit from running their businesses more economically and with more efficiency. Since almost all MBA programs have duration of two to three years, you cannot bring your career to a standstill during this period.

To counter this situation, the idea of an online MBA course took hold and started spreading. These online MBA courses run for a duration which is suitable for your convenience. The good thing about these courses is that they are always being upgraded according to business scenarios, changing trends, students’ needs, and value for money. Technology has changed considerably in the past decade and the teaching methods have caught up.

Sitting in classrooms is sometimes very time-consuming in this fast-paced life. Some able and talented students cannot get an MBA just because of these time constraints which depend on some intrinsic issues such as family responsibilities. To address the problems of such students, online MBA programs became popular due to their tailor-made programs.

Secondly, many countries have tightened their visa regulations. This made it increasingly difficult for international students to get admission in campus-based MBA programs. Now, they can opt for online MBA programs which are equally graded. It has also been observed that online programs are most suitable for students belonging to the age group30-40 years, wherein they are in the middle of their careers. As a result, since 2016 there has been an increase in online programs by approximately 57%.

Compared to campus MBA programs, online MBA courses are very flexible as well as informative. The students can retain their job and study according to their own time schedules with the added advantage of accessibility to study material on the form of online resources. Finding a new job after completion of a course is difficult in economic crises. Hence earning with learning is preferred by many students.

Moreover, some of the top 100 B-schools also provide online MBA degrees, without the need for GMAT on top. These schools have established their branches in other countries for the benefit of international students for that very purpose, with the same certification available locally. Aston University’s online MBA program is one such course. This University’s online MBA program is ranked 12th globally. So getting this MBA degree can enable Canadians to land a lucrative job in Canada itself.

Distance learning is useful for students who have a habit of self-study. These courses provide online access to lectures, conferences, tutorials, online group discussions, internships, case studies and exams with lesser costs and global experience. B-schools are equipped with high definition TV screens, international virtual education, high tech conference facilities, projectors, and networking which allow streamlined discourse to students who choose distance learning.

The flexibility, of course, is a unique selling point for students having such problems. However, it has to follow the supply and demand rule. Some argue whether online learning can reshape their personalities to match those of a competent manager. It depends upon the grasping capabilities. They do miss the group dynamics, a shot at leadership and friendships which can only blossom in a campus. However, counter-arguments from other side concede that generally mature students or those already in a service opt for online degrees. So they may already possess the experience of group behaviors and leadership qualities.

Distance learning or digital degrees have their pros and cons as far as MBA is concerned. However, since the world is rapidly pacing towards globalization there may come a time when all education is provided online, making physical classrooms all but obsolete.

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