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The technology behind online casinos


Just like shopping, banking and pretty much every other aspect of our modern lives, the realm of gambling has also been completely transformed by technology in the past few years. Ever since those first dice were thrown and cards dealt centuries ago, the way people gamble has been monumentally advanced since the advent of the digital era. Online casinos now make up a majority of all the gambling that we do, and the technology that has enabled that to happen is the same tech that allows us to do our grocery shopping on Amazon, our banking via PayPal, and our news browsing via Twitter. For those curious minds out there, here’s some of the key technology which goes into sustaining the $700 billion a year online casino industry.

Mobile Technology

If there’s a single technological trend which defines our current times, it’s the compartmentalisation of an entire planet’s worth of data into our pockets with the advent of the smartphone. The casino industry has been quick to adapt to this trend, given how the vast majority of online activity now takes place via smartphones, and the need for convenient gaming was recognised in the early days. You can now have several Caesar’s Palace’s worth of gambling taking place within the confines of your iPhone, thanks to the increased running and storage capabilities of mobile devices, meaning that, no matter where you are in the world, you can access casinos. Transportability is also a key benefit, meaning that smartphone users getting the bus to work can visit a casino online in Canada and have played several spins before the end of their commute. Mobile technology has integrated entertainment into every aspect of our life and for better or for worse, we now live in a boredom-free world.

Security Software

Digital security is one of most talked about topics in modern culture, with a number of high-profile breaches over the past year making headline news across the globe. Any business serious about adapting to new technology places security as a priority and, with the cybersecurity industry now worth an estimated $75 billion, the level of demand is clear. Online casinos invest significant sums into ensuring all gaming and transactions on their platforms are completely secure. With encryption, anti-malware software and entire teams working behind the scenes to ensure total privacy of data, the industry clearly sees it as a priority. Across all sectors we can expect the investment in security tech to skyrocket over the coming years, and companies continue to adapt to new threats.


The Bitcoin bubble of the past year has been a modern-day gold rush for our times, with a lucky few making absolute fortunes investing in currencies like Bitcoin, and the e-currency wave continuing to swell. With millions of people now choosing to pay via these brand new forms of legitimate currency, the online casino industry is keen to adapt and cater to them. Hundreds of online casinos now allow users to gamble with a number of major cryptocurrencies, and the speed with which the industry has embraced this development suggests that there’s plenty more to come from this sector.

Whether you prefer the physical casino experience or the conveniences of playing online, there’s no denying that the rapid pace of technological change will continue to transform these experiences into something totally new.

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