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The top 5 most popular casino games in Canada 2022


Many people who started gambling are wondering what types of games they can enjoy maximizing their profit. After all, vivid game selection is one of the greatest advantages of the 21st century, and it doesn’t really surprise anyone now. With that being said, making a choice between all of these games is extremely challenging. You have to choose between RTP, your proper skills, payment options, different bonuses, and many other options. That is why we are here today to offer the best online games that have the highest payouts and probabilities. They also have the lowest house edge, which will allow you to win even more. Our choice will include slot machines, blackjack, and several other table games.

Choosing the Best Platform

You need to consider other points when choosing the best casino. We recommend you start with different reviews you can find online. They will give you a basic idea of whether your chosen website is beloved by other users. Since it is the 21st century, it is practically impossible to hide some of these platforms’ flaws. We would also recommend you find your platform through professional review sites. Here we would also note that the majority of Canadian users reach for the best online casino Canada and rate it highly. It is hardly surprising since this platform is known for proper game selection, generous bonuses, holiday offers, a quick support department, and instant withdrawals. This is practically everything you would love to have one gambling online. Obviously, they are also licensed. So you can use them as a perfect example of what a true online casino should look like.

Game Selection and Its Importance

The first thing that we really wanted to talk about concerns game selection. Hardly anyone will be surprised to learn that a game selection is an incredibly crucial element for all online casinos. You will have absolutely zero motivation to deposit your money if the game selection is lacking. That is why choosing the best platform is your first choice for selecting a perfect game. There are several things you have to consider when finding your ideal casino. First and foremost, take a look at the payment options offered to you. The best banking methods offer instant withdrawals and zero to no fees. We would personally recommend using under 1 hour withdrawal casino Canada since it has a spotless reputation, instant withdrawals, quick deposits, and high payouts. This is also the best way to reduce your stress levels when waiting for your withdrawal and control your budget while being responsible. All users also have to consider that apart from withdrawal, they have to keep their eyes on licensing and rules and regulations. Only licenses and proper casinos can be trusted to actually remain unbiased to players.

#1: Slot machines

The first game on our list is a traditional slot machine. Even though pokies or salt machines have one of the worst odds, they at least do not require any specific skills. They are based on predetermined mathematical models even before you start playing. They are also unbiased and will remain the same for every single player. This also means that you can either lose or win, and it will not depend on the number of skills you have. Here everything will depend on your luck and basic probability theory. Still, we will advise you to look for slot machines with higher RTP. Aim for 96% or even more for the best experience. Moreover, make sure you choose a slot machine with a progressive jackpot because it usually is much more profitable than other options.

#2: Blackjack

Blackjack is arguably one of the best and easiest games in the casino. Even though it will require certain skills and knowledge, it is not that complicated, especially if we compare it with poker. Your only goal here is to collect 21 points before your dealer does so. Essentially your choices are 50-50. The house edge is also around 4%, depending on your particular platform. Overall, it is easy and a game associated with high payouts and increasing popularity.

#3: Roulette

The next game on our list is traditional American roulette. It also has some of the easiest rules out there and is known for its popularity. Your only decision here is between a number and a color. Besides, it is also a game of chance, and you hardly need any skills to play it. We would also recommend you try several live options available online. We would place roulette near slot machines since they are similar in their values. Finally, this particular game is available practically in any casino. If there exist different niche games and unique features, it is not one of them. Practically every casino out there will have at least one American roulette.

#4: Baccarat

The greatest advantage of this game is definitely the house. If the majority of online titles have a house out of 4% or higher, baccarat has a house edge of one percent. It is one of the lowest ones on our list and will definitely give you an abundance of opportunities to get wins. Here you also should think about the different values of tables. There are those for people who prefer smaller bets and high rollers. So make sure you are being careful with your budget and evaluate precisely how much you can spend on your bets.

#5: Craps

The lost game on our list is practically just as easy as our previous options. The overall concept of this game is pretty self-explanatory. You have to roll a number using two dice and then roll the same number before seven pops up. The house edge is practically the same as our previous option. It is normally around 1% or 2%, depending on your specific choice of the online platform. Here we can also say that live craps are available practically in every casino you can. This makes this game definitely a runner-up to be one of the most profitable ones out there.

Bottom Line

When it comes to giving selection, you definitely have several options. Today we have proposed five different games that include slot machines, American roulette, baccarat, craps, and black. The actual choice will obviously depend on your personal preferences and the game selection. We will definitely recommend you find a platform that has at least 100 games or even a website that focuses on your particular choice. Finally, don’t forget to play responsibly and try all versions before committing to any deposits.

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