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The top neighbourhoods in Toronto to rent a Condo


Toronto is known as a city of neighbourhoods. Across the city, each area has its own character and sense of unique identity, not to mention its own amenities and perks.

When you’re looking at condos for rent in Toronto, the neighbourhood you choose is more than incidental. It has a huge impact on your quality of life. Before you move, find the Toronto neighbourhood that best fits your personality.

Best value: Where to find the best deals on condos

It’s no secret that rent in Toronto is expensive. One of the best ways you can find a deal on rent is by paying more attention to the neighbourhood you’re moving to. While some areas command a premium, there are still some great, up-and-coming neighbourhoods where you can find a deal. When you spend less on rent, you have more money to save or spend on enjoying the city. These areas are some of the best deals in Toronto:

Weston: In the northwest end of the city, just south of the 401 and centered around Weston and Lawrence, Weston has some of the cheapest rent in the city. The area has a great mix of Caribbean, Latin American, and East African food, plus there’s a GO station for quick transit to Union.

East York: Between Danforth and the Don Valley Ravine is East York, a quieter, family-friendly neighbourhood. The area has several village-like commercial strips, and it’s just a quick hop down to bustling Danforth and the subway. If you want a cheap deal on rent without getting too far from the core, check out East York.

Parks and recreation: Where to enjoy the best parks and ravines

Although Toronto can’t compete with great outdoor cities like Vancouver, it’s still home to some incredible parks, ravines, and natural assets. These two neighbourhoods in the city’s east end are great options if you value time spent outdoors.

The Beaches: Located just north of the three beautiful, sandy beaches the area gets its name from, it can often feel astonishing that The Beaches even exist in Toronto. In the summer, this area can feel more like a beach town than part of Toronto. Enjoy swimming in Lake Ontario, long dog walks along the boardwalk, and some great shopping on Queen East.

Malvern: One of Toronto’s more affordable neighbourhoods due to its distance from downtown, Malvern also happens to sit right next to Rouge National Park. This small but stunning national park is full of bike trails, beautiful hikes, and incredible scenery.

Great eats, great nightlife: Where to get the most out of your neighbourhood

If you love going out and enjoying everything Toronto has to offer, these are some of the best areas for food and nightlife.

Spadina-Fort York: Spadina-Fort York is home to tons of new condo buildings, and it’s where a lot of Torontonians are moving. The area itself may be heavy on fast food, but it’s just next door to some of the best food scenes in Canada.

Immediately to the north, you have instant access to Chinatown, Kensington Market, King West, and Queen West. From some of the most innovative cocktails in the world at BarChef to traditional and cheap char siu on Spadina, you have some of the best and most varied food and nightlife options available anywhere in Canada.

If you’re looking to move, these are some of the best neighbourhoods to look for a condo for rent in Toronto.

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