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Tim Hortons® is going all-digital in this year’s Roll Up contest


TORONTO, Feb. 16, 2021— Tim Hortons is celebrating the start of a new era for Roll Up with a new name for the popular annual contest, more ways to play than ever before, and a new prizing system that means every Roll is a winner!

In this year’s newly named Roll Up To Win game, the dreaded “Please Play Again” message has been retired and every Roll wins. The popular doughnut and coffee chain’s prize pool includes grand prizes, free coffees and dough nuts, and new this year, digital prizes like Tims Rewards points and subscriptions to popular streaming services. More information on prizes will be released soon.

Tims customers will earn one or more Rolls on each eligible purchase by scanning for Tims Rewards using their Tim Hortons app or physical Tims Rewards card. New this year, guests can also earn Rolls by purchasing select cold beverages, breakfast sandwiches and breakfast wraps, in addition to purchases of hot beverages. Guests can reveal their Rolls to win great prizes on the Tim Hortons app or at the Roll Up To Win website — and every Roll is a winner!

Tim Hortons® is going all-digital in this year’s exciting refreshed Roll Up contest with our largest prize pool ever — and every Roll wins! (CNW Group/Tim Hortons)

Last year marked the 35th year of Roll Up The Rim™. On March 7, days before Roll Up was to launch, Tim Hortons announced changes to the contest due to the emergence of COVID-19. They said they didn’t believe it was appropriate for team members to be handling tabs that may have been in people’s mouths and pivoted to redistributing all the prizes to restaurant giveaways and a digital contest. 

“It became clear to us in the months that followed that the ongoing pandemic was likely to impact Roll Up again this year. As we began evaluating the plan for this year’s contest and making it our most exciting game ever, we focused on two ideas,” said Chief Marketing Officer Hope Bagozzi.

“First, the growth of Tims Rewards and the Tim Hortons app were clear signals to us that Canadians are ready for a fully digital Roll Up contest — and going digital opens up all kinds of new exciting possibilities to evolve the game. And second, we thought what better way to reinvent Roll Up than to retire ‘Please Play Again’ and make every Roll a win!”

Last year’s Roll Up contest was to include a sustainability campaign with plans to give away 1.8 million reusable cups as part of a 10-year commitment to change consumer perceptions and habits towards reusable cups. Those cups will be part of this year’s Roll Up prize pool.

Also new this year through Roll Up To Win, guests who place an order for delivery directly through the Tim Hortons app will receive a Roll for each eligible item they purchase.

Roll Up To Win kicks off on March 8 and runs through April 4.

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