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The Top 10 Fat Bikes in Canada


Fat bikes make biking on all sorts of terrain, like snow, sand, and bogs, possible. They’re a great investment for those who would rather have one all-purpose bike rather than many different bikes for different situations. Fat bikes are minimally impacted by the rough surfaces they’re used for travelling on because of their wide tires, which are generally between 4 to 5 inches wide, and the low pressure the tires run at, which further increase the amount of surface contact these bikes get. Also please check this out electric scooter Canada.

The low pressure of fat bike tires also allows the bike to “float,” which is how they are able to move across sand and snow. The popularity of fat bikes has not been limited to conventional bicycles alone, the smooth ride has been causing their popularity to surge amongst the e-bike community as well.

For those who may be considering an e-bike an electric bike comparison chart is a good starting point to determine the best fit for your needs. You can also consider reading this article about fat tire bike benefits to learn more about the pros and cons of an electric bike! 

The Top 10 Fat Bikes

  • Trek Farley 7

The Farley 7 by Trek is a great example of an all-purpose fat bike. Not only does it have no problem being taken across soft grounds like snow, but it can also be ridden across hard surfaces, for instance hiking trails. It has an aluminum frame and 27.5-inch wheels that allow for faster rolling. This fat bike has a dropper post and suspension fork, both of which contribute to its consistent, well-rounded performance. While a dropper post and suspension fork aren’t absolutely necessary for fat tire bikes that mainly cover softer grounds, they can make a world of difference comfort-wise when biking fast across hard surfaces. Not counting pedals, the Farley 7 weighs about 36 lbs. and 11 oz.

  • Surely Ice Cream Truck

Famous in the industry, the Ice Cream Truck by Surely is one of the top fat bikes for trail riding out there. Though it’s not the fastest item on the market, the Ice Cream Truck is able to cross almost every type of terrain imaginable. This fat bike features 26-inch tires and a Chromoly steel frame, and it weighs about 35.5 lbs.

  • Rocky Mountain Blizzard-50

The Blizzard-50 by Rocky Mountain is a hefty fat bike that has no problem traveling through tough conditions, though it is also more than capable of being used normally. This fat bike is fairly all-purpose and can be taken wherever, be it snow or shine. The Blizzard-50 has an aluminum frame, 27.5-inch wheels, and has travel suspension. Fans of it have described it as light for a fat bike and fun to ride.

  • Giant Yukon 1

Yukon 1 by Giant is another well-rounded fat bike that can provide a great biking experience in a number of situations. Where this fat bike really shines though, is riding over snowy areas and through trails. The frame of this bike is made of aluminum, it has a dropper post, and it has 27.5×4.5-inch tires that allow for easy riding over ordinarily tricky terrain. For a fat bike it is only moderately heavy and weighs roughly 32 lbs.

  • Pivot LES Fat

The LES Fat from Pivot is an extremely high-quality fat bike, which is reflected in its price. This fat bike hasn’t received countless amount of praise for no reason though. With a carbon frame that’s both lightweight and stiff and innovative adjustable dropouts that make this ride compatible with a multitude of different wheels, this bike was built with high standards in mind. Users can choose the version with a suspension fork, and dropper posts are an option.

  • Trek Farley 5

The Farley 5 by Trek is proof that a fat bike doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg in order to provide a great experience. Given what it’s capable of, biking over dirt and snow just as well as any more expensive fat bike, this affordable fat bike is sold at a great value. Its frame is aluminum, and its equipped wheels are 27.5×4.5-inches, though they can be switched out for 26×5-inch wheels at their user’s discretion. It’s a fairly lightweight ride, weighing around 31 lbs. and 11 oz.

  • Salsa Beargrease

The Salsa Beargrease is a top-notch fat bike for pedaling across snowy or dirt packed landscapes with its large wheels and rigid frame. An aspect of the Salsa Beargrease unseen in most other fat bikes is its completely carbon frame that allows it to be light. This fat bike weighs about 29 lbs. and 11 oz, which makes for faster riding. Its wheels are a large 27.5-inches with equally as large 5-inch tires. The tires of the Salsa Beargrease contribute largely to its great floatation and traction, and it’s why this fat bike has no problem rolling over any obstacle in its path.

  • Borealis Crestone Eagle XO1

The Borealis Crestone Eagle XO1 is an extremely capable fat bike, even fit for racing, and has a reputation for being an excellent performance bike. This particular bike has a closed-mold carbon fiber frame designed to be durable and lightweight. Its wheels come in 26-inches, 27.5-inches, and 29-inches, and it can handle tires of up to 5-inches. Something worth noting is that this bike is extremely customizable, and there are a variety of options a biker can choose from to tailor this fat bike to their desires.

  • Salsa Mukluk

Another Salsa bike, the Salsa Mukluk is the fat bike perfect fat bike for a more casual rider. On top of not being outrageously expensive, this bike is well-rounded and has no problem crossing snow and sand, which is really, the main point of a fat bike. It’s also a comfortable ride that has been remarked to have consistent performances, which is a desirable trait for a vehicle that needs to be dependable. The Salsa Mukluk has an aluminum frame, a wheel size of 26-inches, and it weighs a solid 32 lbs. and 7 oz.

  • Mongoose Argus

The Mongoose Argus has been described as bringing fat bikes to the masses. The reason behind this is likely its affordable pricing yet top-of-the-line quality. This bike has plenty of traction and stopping power, which are huge pluses when travelling across terrain such as snow and sand, and it is ready to go for all types of surfaces. This fat bike features a steel frame with 26-inch wheels and 4-inch tires. You can also check epicbicycles.com for more information on different kinds of bikes

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