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Top 21 Best Bike Trails in Toronto and Vicinity


When it comes to exploring the vibrant city of Toronto, there’s no better way to soak in its beauty and culture than by hopping on a bike and hitting the city’s best bike paths. Toronto, known for its stunning waterfront, lush green spaces, and vibrant neighbourhoods, offers a diverse range of biking trails that cater to cyclists of all levels. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely ride along serene lake shores, a journey through historic sites, or an adventure amidst the city’s hidden gems, Toronto area biking paths have something for everyone!

1. Hamilton-Brantford Rail Trail: Reliving History on a Scenic Journey

Dive into a cycling experience like no other as you embark on the Hamilton-Brantford Rail Trail, a charming route that seamlessly connects the vibrant city of Hamilton with the historic town of Brantford. This enchanting trail is more than just a path for cycling; it’s a journey through time, where you’ll pedal across the echoes of history and bask in the natural beauty of Southern Ontario.


2. Tay Shore Trail: Embark on a Journey Along the Shimmering Georgian Bay

Prepare to be charmed by the Tay Shore Trail, a hidden gem along the captivating shores of Georgian Bay. This scenic biking route offers a sublime blend of natural beauty, charismatic communities, and awe-inspiring vistas, creating a must-visit destination for both avid cyclists and leisurely riders.


3. Kissing Bridge Trailway: Discover Rustic Charm Amidst Covered Bridges

Located in impressive Wellington County, this cycling trail is a haven for those seeking a unique and visually stunning ride through the heart of rural Ontario. The hallmark of the Kissing Bridge Trailway is its collection of beautifully covered bridges, each a work of art in itself. Biking through these charming structures, you’ll be transported to a bygone era, where the click-clack of hooves on wooden planks was once a common sound. The trail winds its way through the rolling countryside of Wellington County, revealing expansive vistas of green pastures, tranquil ponds, and pristine woodlands. It’s a landscape that beckons you to explore every bend and curve of the path.


4. Toronto Islands: Island Oasis Offering Postcard-Perfect Views

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Escape the bustling urbanity of Toronto and set sail for a serene oasis on the Toronto Islands. This unique biking experience combines a ferry ride with a relaxing exploration of the islands, providing spectacular views of the Toronto skyline, natural wonders (including a vast array of waterfowl), and a refreshing escape from urban life. The islands are adorned with pristine beaches, lush parks, and tranquil lagoons. Be sure to visit Hanlan’s Point Beach, Centre Island, and Ward’s Island for a diverse range of scenic delights.


5. Welland Canal Parkway Trail

The Welland Canal Parkway Trail is a scenic and recreational trail located in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada. The trail runs along the route of the impressive Welland Canal, a prominent waterway that connects Lake Erie to Lake Ontario, and offers a mix of natural beauty and industrial history.

The Trail covers a distance of approximately 40 kilometres (25 miles). It extends from St. Catharines in the south to Port Colborne in the north, running parallel to the magnificent Welland canal. The Welland Canal Parkway Trail primarily features a multi-use asphalt surface, making it accessible and suitable for all types of biking and various other recreational activities, including walking, jogging, and rollerblading. Although, some sections may include gravel paths (not conducive to inline skating – bring shoes), but the majority of the trail is paved.

One of the main attractions of the trail is its proximity to the Welland Canal. Cyclists and pedestrians can enjoy close-up views of the canal, its lock system, and the passing ships, including the impressive St. Lawrence Seaway and Great Lakes vessels. It’s a unique experience to watch these ships navigate along the canal as they ascend or descend as much as 45 feet within each lock en-route between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.

6. The Waterfront Trail

This trail is the longest and one of the most popular destinations for cyclists across the province. The Waterfront Trail provides a testament to the beauty of Lake Ontario’s shoreline, offering a harmonious blend of natural wonders and urban charms. The paved trail meanders along a mosaic of landscapes that showcases the ever-changing character of Lake Ontario. Whether you’re cycling along the rugged shores of Clarington or wielding your way through the vibrant cityscape of Toronto, you’ll be treated to a wide range of experiences, and wildlife, each with its unique allure. Stay alert and be prepared to stop or ring your bell occasionally through some of the sections between the Toronto Beaches and Port Credit as this is a mix-use rail and can get very busy in the summer months. I strongly advise exploring the Waterfront Trail both east of Scarborough and West of Oakville to take in spectacular views of both the lake, and beaches, as well as flora and fauna.

Please take note that portions of the Waterfront Trail will take you through neighbourhood streets, some city streets that are usually partitioned, and populated park areas.

7. Martin Goodman Trail: The Quintessential Urban Cycling Experience

The Martin Goodman Trail, often referred to as Toronto’s “cycling highway,” is a gem among urban cycling routes, offering a quintessential biking experience along the city’s waterfront. Stretching for approximately 56 kilometres, this scenic trail (part of the Waterfront Trail system) follows the shores of Lake Ontario, providing cyclists with breathtaking lakefront views and connectivity to some of Toronto’s most iconic gems. As mentioned earlier, parts of this hugely popular trail can become congested in summer and on weekends with people out for a stroll or walking their dogs, so stay alert!


8. Georgian Trail: Bask in the Beauty of Georgian Bay

Discover paradise along the Georgian Trail, where you’ll have the opportunity to revel in the unparalleled beauty of Georgian Bay. This extraordinary trail offers exceptional views, access to hidden beaches, and a chance to connect with vibrant communities along its route. The Georgian Trail unveils some of the most mesmerizing vistas of Georgian Bay.


9. Niagara Recreation Trail: Riverside Adventure Through Niagara-on-the-Lake

This 12.6 km trail runs along the Niagara River and Parkway, giving cyclists the chance to bike beside stunning riverside scenery as well as vineyard vistas. The trail provides some unobstructed views of the river’s majestic flow as well as the Lewiston, NY side, flanked by dense greenery and a sense of zen that only waterfront cycling can provide. Niagara-on-the-Lake is renowned for its vineyards, wineries, and Victorian homes and buildings. This path will also take in famous Fort George an 1812 military post that defended Upper Canada against the Americans.


10. The Caledon Trailway: Serene Passage Through Caledon’s Countryside

This enchanting gravel trail offers a calm passage through Caledon’s rolling landscapes, promising a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life. The Caledon Trailway unfolds amidst the rolling hills and grand landscapes of Caledon, where you’ll be surrounded by vast greenery, open fields, and peaceful woodlands.


11. Uxbridge-Lindsay Rail Trail.

You’ll cycle amidst rolling hills, verdant fields, and dense woodlands that paint a vibrant tapestry of green. The trail offers a glimpse into the region’s wetland ecosystems, where you can observe unique flora and fauna in their natural habitats. Keep an eye out for waterfowl, frogs, and various aquatic plants as you pass through these serene wetlands.The trail follows the path of a former railway line, and remnants of the past can be found along the route. Old railway stations and historical markers provide insight into the region’s history.


12. Beaver-River Wetland Trail: Grey County’s Hidden Cycling Gem

Venture off the beaten path and discover Grey County’s best-kept secret: the Beaver-River Wetland Trail. This hidden jewel offers cyclists a haven amidst the natural wonders of the Beaver River Wetlands, promising an escape into the alluring wilderness and enchanting beauty. The Beaver-River Wetland Trail meanders through a pristine natural wonderland, where the sounds of rustling leaves and babbling brooks set the rhythm for your ride. Verdant wetlands, ponds, and dense forests create a beautiful backdrop that transports you to a world of peace.


13. Elora Cataract Trailway: A Cycling Odyssey Through the Grand River Watershed

Discover the Elora Cataract Trailway, a 47 km route that meanders through the diverse terrain of the Grand River Watershed providing a link with the Credit River. This trail promises breathtaking vistas and the opportunity to experience the awe-inspiring Elora Gorge and takes you through three provincial parks including Forks of the Credit, Belwood Lake and The Elora Gorge. The Elora Cataract Trailway presents a diverse tapestry of landscapes to captivate your senses. This is a mix-use trail so you could encounter walkers, skiers, snowmobilers and others.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some sections of this trail are now closed for contruction reasons until June 2025. The CVC-owned portion of the ECT between 6th Line and Trafalgar Road in Hillsburgh and the portion between 10th Line, Erin Village to Cataract Road, Town of Caledon will remain open during construction


14. Toronto’s Waterfront Wonderland: Colonel Samuel Smith East Point Trail & Humber Bay Park East Trail

Get ready to be enchanted by the waterfront wonders that Toronto has to offer along the Colonel Samuel Smith East Point Trail and Humber Bay Park East Trail. These routes promise epic rides by charming marinas and serene natural spots, making them the perfect destination for those seeking a blend of urban beauty and lakeside relaxation.The Colonel Samuel Smith East Point Trail and Humber Bay Park East Trail are your gateway to Toronto’s stunning waterfront.

15. Duffins Creek Trail: A Tranquil Passage Through Pickering and Ajax’s Natural Wonders

This route winds its way through the Pickering and Ajax communities, offering a peaceful escape into the heart of nature’s beauty. While immersing yourself in nature, you’ll also encounter echoes of history. The trail passes by historical markers and remnants of the past, providing a fascinating look into the region’s heritage.


16. Humber River Recreational Trail: Exploring Toronto’s West End Along the Serene Humber River

For a delightful cycling adventure through Toronto’s west end, look no further than the Humber River Recreational Trail. This route connects various parks and neighborhoods along the Humber River, offering a diverse and enriching experience. The trail connects several of Toronto’s beloved parks, allowing you to explore various green spaces along your journey.


17. Don Valley Brick Works Park Trail: An Urban Escape Through Picturesque Don Valley

For an urban escape that weaves through the picturesque Don Valley, make your way to the Don Valley Brick Works Park Trail. This enchanting route takes you through the heart of the valley, with a special stop at the historic Brick Works, offering an idle blend of nature and history. The Don Valley Brick Works Park Trail invites you to explore the sublime beauty of the Don Valley.A highlight of the journey is a stop at the historic Don Valley Brick Works.


18. Rouge National Urban Park Trail: Embrace the Beauty of Canada’s First National Urban Park

This cycling route invites you into a opulent haven where nature reigns supreme, offering a captivating escape within the city limits. The Rouge National Urban Park Trail is a testament to the power of nature within an urban landscape. Cyclists will be enraptured by the park’s diverse ecosystems, including abundant forests, exquisite wetlands, and meandering rivers


19. Leslie Street Spit: Nature Reclaims the Urban Landscape for Cyclists

Discover a hidden haven for city cyclists at the Leslie Street Spit, where nature reclaims the urban landscape with breath-taking surprises. This often-overlooked gem offers an unexpected escape within the heart of the city. The Leslie Street Spit is a well-kept secret among local cyclists.


20. Etobicoke Creek Trail: A Scenic Journey Through Brampton and Mississauga

The Etobicoke Creek Trail winds its way alongside the calm waters of Etobicoke Creek, offering cyclists a soothing experience. The trail is paved so mountain, gravel and road bikes are all suitable here, although if speed is your thing it is best to avoid as the path is not super wide and it is winding. While pedalling, you’ll be captivated by the peaceful flow of the creek and the rustling leaves of surrounding trees. Enjoy the shade of towering trees, the vibrant colors of wildflowers, and the opportunity to spot local wildlife. The trail connects Brampton and Mississauga, allowing you to explore two diverse and vibrant communities.


21. Lake Ontario Park Path: Lakeside Serenity in Kingston

For a cycling adventure that combines waterfront breezes with amazing lake views, set your course for Kingston’s Lake Ontario Park Path. This magnificent path promises a delightful ride along the shores of Lake Ontario, inviting you to savor the beauty of the waterfront. The Lake Ontario Park Path is a lakeside paradise that allows cyclists to relish the soothing breezes coming off the water. The path is lined with stunning natural beauty, featuring a mix of wildflowers, native trees, and the calming presence of the lake.


In Toronto, the cycling options are as diverse as the city itself, offering a captivating blend of urban exploration and natural serenity. From the tranquil waters of the Toronto Islands to the historic charm of the Don Valley Brick Works Park Trail, and the breathtaking views along the Scarborough Bluffs, each cycling path we’ve explored offers a unique experience. Whether you’re seeking a family-friendly adventure, a cultural journey, or a nature escape, Toronto’s biking paths invite you to pedal your way through a city that seamlessly combines its vibrant culture with the serenity of its natural landscapes. So, saddle up, grab your helmet, and embark on a two-wheeled adventure through the heart of Toronto – a city that promises unforgettable moments at every turn.

by Myles Shane

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