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Tim Hortons will no longer be offering Beyond-Meat options


Tim Hortons will no longer be offering Beyond-Meat options just nine months after introducing Beyond Meat options to its ever-changing menu. Tim Hortons has decided there is little interest to continue offering them on the menu.

Tim Hortons had already pulled Beyond Meat products off the menus entirely in provinces other then Ontario and British Columbia where the popular plant-based products were still trending.

In September, ‘Timmies’ pulled the Beyond Meat burgers from all locations, but said it would still sell the plant-based protein breakfast sandwiches in Ontario and B.C. thanks to a “positive reaction” from customers.

Tim Hortons will no longer be offering Beyond-Meat options

“Ultimately, our guests choose to stay with the meat option in their breakfast sandwiches,” said Sarah McConnell, a spokeswoman for parent company Toronto-based Restaurant Brands International.

“We may offer plant-based alternatives again. But we have removed [them] from the menu for now,” the email said.

Two Beyond Meat breakfast sandwiches and one wrap were added to Tim’s menu in over 4,000 Canadian locations in mid-June of 2018. They followed this up with their first burger offering with two Beyond Meat burgers nationwide.

Other chains have had much greater success with alternative-meat items with customers drawn to the plant-based products for health, environmental and animal welfare reasons.

A&W was the first Canadian restaurant chain to serve Beyond Meat patties in the summer of 2018 and it rapidly gained popularity.

And Burger King, another unit under the canopy of Toronto-based Restaurant Brands International Inc. will continue to carry their plant-based Impossible Whopper which was rolled out in August of 2019.

Tim Hortons isn’t turning their backs for good on plant-based products but they say they are not venturing into that area in the immediate future.

“We will continue to explore plant-based options as part of our regular menu innovation pipeline,” McConnell wrote.

“But there is nothing new planned for the restaurants in the immediate future.”

According to Reuters, “Responding to the removal of its products, Beyond Meat said that it may work with Tim Hortons again in the future.”

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