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Top wine lover gifts

Marco Giovanetti – mtltimes.ca

Top wine lover gifts – A great gift idea for the wine lover or for Mother’s and father’s day right around the corner. Click and buy. However if you really just want to drink some wine, the only thing you require is a wine bottle and a safe way of getting into it. But if you are starting out or you are a seasoned wine lover, you should acquire a few essential accessories. I am not talking about a power drill corkscrew or wine bottle clothing. I mean the equipment that’s actually going to enhance the experience of drinking wine. Yes, it can actually get better.

The most important accessory is the wine opener: Click on image to purchase

The first basic requirement is the wine opener. Easy choice, since step number one involves getting into the bottle of wine. And while cheap options are out there, what you want in a corkscrew bottle is sturdiness and reliability. You should have both a classic Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener and a simple, no frills Waiter’s Friend style.

wine stoppers: Click on image to purchase

Actually the second item is optional. A good cork replaced firmly back into the bottle (or screwtop screwed right back on) do the job , sometimes even better, than a wine bottle stopper. But they can be funny and effective, since the vacuum method doesn’t generally do much for your bottle of wine. And it gives you a reason to start a collection. Myself, I have 3 black wine stoppers that I got years ago at Stokes. It is more than enough for my needs.

wine bottles: Click on image to purchase

If you’re the wine drinker who opens a bottle and has a glass or two a night, my recommended option to avoid oxygenation is putting that leftover half bottle into a smaller bottle (excuse: this means you get to buy a nice half bottle of expensive wine). You’ll reduce the amount of air in the bottle, the wine will stay fresher longer. Keep 2-3 on hand, and wash them well between uses. No need to tell you this

Crystal wine decanter: Click on image to purchase

It is not necessary to decant all types of wines, but some (including young tannic reds and certain white wines) improve from the practice. A decanter that maximizes surface area is best, since that’ll decrease the amount of time you have to decant. Plus, they tend to look pleasant to the eye.

The wine fridge: Click on the image to purchase

Once you are serious enough in your wine drinking hobby, you might considering investing in a wine fridge. Nothing else will ensure your wine ages perfectly like a good wine storage unit. Even if you don’t consider yourself a maniac wine collector, a wine fridge is the best place to store your wine – including the bottles you plan to open in the near future. That’s because a wine fridge keeps the wine at the ideal temperature, and protects the cork by storing the bottles horizontally.

The Coravin System: Click on the image to purchase

In a perfect world, the ideal would be to drink a bottle of wine a day.Though I would love love to, it is not healthy to pop a cork every night of the week, and I just hate pouring good vino down the drain. Plus, who wants to open cheaper wine, simply because then you won’t feel bad wasting it? The Coravin is a god gift for anyone who wants to drink only a glass or two of nice wine nightly, and doesn’t want to feel like they’re wasting the bottle. The Coravin System inserts a needle through the cork of your bottle and then forces argon gas inside, allowing the perfect amount of wine to come out, without letting any oxygen get in. When the needle is pulled out of the cork, the cork reseals and it’s like the bottle was never opened. You can drink whatever wine you like whenever you like.

wine disc: Click on the image to purchase

Finally, my last essential wine accessory is the wine disc.This isn’t just a caprice. It takes a lot of skill to pour a bottle of wine and avoid that annoying drip (there’s a state of the art wrist-twist maneuver involved). These wine discs might look like an unnecessary invention, but they’re an ingenious tool that allows you to pour wine without spilling a drop. Now there’s not need to worry about wine stains on your carpet or your fancy new tablecloth.

Wines of the week

Lavradores de Feitoria Douro 2015 (Portugal, Douro Valley)

SAQ # 13114621. $15.30

Hard to beat a quality white wine for this price. On the nose, green apple with lemon pie filling and melon nuances. On the mouth, medium body, refreshing and mellow. Mineral finale recalls rain dripping over rocks. The essential wine for grilled prawns.

Oliver Père et Fils Clisson Muscadet-Sèvre et Maine 2012 ( Nantes, Loire)

SAQ #12259992 $21.15

A muscadet with muscle.Structured and firm with a dense texture surrounded by ripe white and yellow fruits. With a touch of spice and white pepper character, it is quite impressive and could age for a few years. Good with roasted white fish dishes such as haddock.

Château de Sancerre. ( Sancerre, France)

SAQ # 164582 $24.55

Citrusy, verging toward tropical citrus aromas, white pepper, chalk. Pleasant herbaceous undertones. On the mouth, bone dry with a beautiful acidity with hay and mineral flavours. Very long. Perfect for Sunday brunch dishes such as bagels with smoked salmon and capers.

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