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TOtimes Tastings: Redstone Winery leaves no stone unturned


BEAMSVILLE, July 4, 2023 – How does this sound to you? – A serene relaxing afternoon, sipping a glass of sparkling Ontario wine, and nibbling on some tantalizing appetizers, listening to the trickle of a fountain while a gentle lake breeze cools the summer air? Sounds like something everyone probably needs right about now. 

Welcome to Redstone Winery, located in Beamsville, Ontario and nestled into a beautiful 38-acre Lincoln Lakeshore property within the Niagara region.

Redstone Winery®, named for its red clay soil and large stones, is owned by Moray Tawse, who happens to be the same owner of Tawse Winery, the focus of one of my recent TOtimes Tastings features.

Both offer amazing winery experiences but each has its own unique vibe.

Redstone has thought of everything – leaves no stone unturned

I don’t think Redstone Winery has left anything out when considering their customers’ overall experience here. This winery has a most alluring outdoor patio. Here you can sit under giant umbrellas or pergolas for added comfort from the heat of the day, or should you prefer the beaming sun, there are tables for that as well. Modern water features add to the elegance and charm, as well as ornamental planter boxes replete with greenery that not only adds to the organic vibe here, but they are also set strategically around the patio for the overall appeal.

The stone walls along with the large glass wall that leads into the restaurant are stunning.

Redstone is perfect for a peaceful gathering of friends and family, or a more intimate table for two if that’s what you’re looking for.

Once you enter the restaurant from the patio, you are greeted by a large open dining area with vaulted ceilings that deliver an atmosphere of community. The bustling sounds of life and laughter fill the air at certain hours of the day.  Yes, you can still have your intimate table for two inside the dining area, as well as a section for a more private group gathering. 

Though you can experience wine tasting anywhere inside or outside the winery, there is an area set aside for wine tour patrons, or those looking for that traditional wine sampling experience – to hang out and sample the fruit of the vines Redstone has to offer.  This area of the winery provides yet another cool vibe. Different from the other sections, but a cool vibe, nonetheless.

Something special you won’t be able to find at any other Ontario winery would be the Marshand Tawse Burgundian blends. Ask about which blends they have when you arrive. The depth and personality are a great experience for any wine drinker. Once you have enjoyed their wine sampling experience, choose the ones you like and purchase them at the retail section since these specialty wines can only be purchased on site.  Redstone also has a vintage section so if you have a sophisticated palate and want to experience a vintage wine, you are in luck, they sell them!

The Cuisine

While visiting Redstone Winery, should you get a bit peckish, I suggest you check out their delectable menu options.  From snacks and appetizers, to the “something for everyone” choices like pizza or fish and chips, to mouth-watering cuisine such as Seared Kolapore Springs Trout or Dry-Aged Steak Frites, oh and we can’t forget the Redstone wines.  

I had the Pan-Fried Pork Schnitzel (Mustard Spaetzle, Crème Fraîche, Apple & Cabbage Slaw), my companions had the Gnocco Fritto, Bay Scallop Ceviche, and the Margherita Pizza (Tomato, Fior di Latte, Basil).

I loved my dish! I squeezed some fresh lemon on the Schnitzel, and it took it to another level! I highly recommend it. Try it with a glass of bubbly 2020 sparkling rosé – oh my gosh it is the perfect sipping drink on a nice hot day. 

The Music

Redstone Winery also has live music in the vineyard featuring an amazing lineup of Canadian artists, which you can find on their website. https://redstonewines.ca/news/

A night of music and great tasting wine.  Sign me up!

An added note: On cooler Fall/Winter nights, they also have a cosy section out by the front patio where fire pits are set up so that you can sip on a nice glass of soothing red wine (or any beverage you prefer) and enjoy some ooey gooey ‘Smores.


The winery also gets “help from our friends from the animal realm.”  Their chickens feed on bugs, the sheep eat the lower vine leaves to expose the grapes to the ripening sun and they use horses instead of tractors whenever they can, which helps avoid soil compaction.

I want to see the animals, so I take a stroll around the grounds. On my way, I notice there are many gardens full of fresh herbs of all kinds and tomato plants upon tomato plants.  I love that their menu features farm-fresh, organic ingredients.

Don’t feed the animals

Speaking of organic, I must add that if you take a walk to see the animals it is absolutely forbidden to feed the animals. Understandably so.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention two things that truly grabbed my attention. The first thing is that Redstone Winery and Tawse Winery have something quite unique; both have stepped out of the norm as far as the winemaking industry is concerned. The top positions in this industry are very male dominated, however, at both Tawse and Redstone Wineries, those top positions are held by women. Jessica Otting claims the role of Winemaker, Augusta is the Vineyard Manager, and Vicki Smyth, is the Director of Sales & Marketing. This makes me proud.

Secondly, Redstone Winery, for the most part, has the same migrant workers that come back each year. They are like family. When I am listening to Vicki tell me about the grounds, I get a sense of humanity interwoven with her story, and that is important to me.  They are not thought of as merely ‘workers’, rather Redstone and Tawse understand the immense importance of these men and women.  As a matter of fact, there is a new house being built for them, so that while they are away from their families and friends, they can have some comforts of home.

The winery also has celebrations with the workers throughout the year, including a big harvest party.

I mention this because, well, because it matters.  

I ask Vicki (Director of Sales & Marketing) about the difference between Tawse and Redstone Winery. Here is what she says.

“Tawse is more about the wine making, Redstone is big on the culinary experience.” “However, though there is a great culinary presence here, Redstone Winery is still all about the wine experience.  It’s a hands-on approach to organic farming which we are very proud of. We produce quality fruit, which produces quality wines.

Justin, one of the sales associates in the retail section says, “They have a different atmosphere. Tawse is more about the wine production experience, including the cellar and barrel experience, Redstone has more of a farm-like feel, like being out in the country, but both are amazing wineries.” 

I have to agree, both have their own personalities, their own character, yet both are wineries worth visiting.  Not just once, but again and again. 

Check out Redstone Winery’s website to learn about their new lunch and wine pair experience, Friday – Sunday, as well as their Book Club and Wine Club. Visit the Niagara Region Winery, Redstone Winery and Restaurant the next time you are out and about. Also check out this article on www.thisisyourcity.ca

Thank you, Vicki, for your wealth of knowledge and your hospitality.

words and images by Kimberly Wardell

lead photo by Redstone Winery

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