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Toronto among top 5 most expensive cities to go to University abroad


Furnished apartment search engine, Nestpick, has released data revealing the first semester living costs for international students relocating to university in 80 popular cities around the globe. From years of experience helping individuals to move, Nestpick knows that the initial costs involved with relocation can vary widely depending on location. To help those looking to move, the furnished apartment and room aggregator decided to investigate the general costs that a student might incur during their first semester in a new city. The index is designed to be an indicator of the cost of relocating to some of the world’s most in-demand cities in order to study, and therefore a useful tool for the increasing numbers of students looking to move abroad.

2018 First Semester Living Costs:

The Price of Going to University Abroad

80 Cities ranked based on tuition fees and living costs for first 6 months

  • Bangalore, India is the least expensive city for studying abroad, with a first semester living cost of $2,922.26.
  • San Francisco, USA is the most expensive city for studying abroad, with a first semester living cost of $37,428.54.
  • Buenos Aires offers free undergraduate studies for both Argentines and international students, and with a total first semester living cost of $5,869.29, it’s a very attractive option for those seeking a budget-friendly experience abroad.  

The table below reveals the first semester living costs for 10 cities around the world, ranked from most to least expensive:

This data follows on from a similar study released earlier this year, the First Month Relocation Costs Index, which looks into the financial implications of relocating to 80 cities around the world. This new data outlines the potential costs that prospective students would incur in their first semester whilst attending university abroad, focusing on international students. The first semester living costs have been calculated by determining the average living costs for six months in each respective city, in addition the university tuition fee for one semester, as well as each respective country’s student visa price. For the purpose of the study, the most prominent university has been chosen for each location.

“Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity for prospective students, and something that is increasingly considered an integral part of education.” comments Ömer Kücükdere, Managing Director of Nestpick. “Relocating means not only experiencing a new city and culture, but also the chance to gain independence, connect with other international students and in many cases, even learn a new language. However, students should be aware of all the financial implications of moving to a new city in terms of living costs and potential tuition fees, as these can vary enormously between different universities and cities. We hope that this data will not only help prospective students to budget and plan for their semester abroad, but also encourage and inspire them to consider new and exciting locations.”

For students seeking additional support and unique experiences during their studies abroad, exploring student work abroad program can be a valuable option. Work travel programs provide opportunities to work part-time or intern while studying, allowing students to gain practical skills, broaden their cultural understanding, and offset some of their living costs added stepabroad.com

source: www.nestpick.com/first-month-living-costs-index-2018/?currency=usd

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