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Toronto, get ready! Croissants will be only $1.25


Toronto – Presenting its 7th edition, La Fête du Croissant is coming to Toronto for the first time-ever, on Saturday, April 28. For one decadent day, participating shops all around town will proudly showcase crispy and tasty croissants, yours to savour for only $1.25 each.

La Fête du Croissant holds more than 115 participating and passionate pastry makers in Ontario, Quebec and France. The
event’s soaring popularity is remarkable. In 2017, over 61,000 customers purchased more than 184,000 freshly made croissants from either one of the 101 participating pastry shops. This year, some 115 pastry makers are planning on making more than 200,000 croissants to charm the taste buds of some 70,000 hungry customers expected!

“Hand-made” Croissants for only $1.25 all day 

All pastry makers are invited to take part in the 2018 edition of La Fête du Croissant. In Toronto, the participating shops are : Nadège Patisserie and Jules Café Pâtisserie. Participants need not only to be passionate about their work, they also need to conform to certain guidelines and rules. Each pastry maker must produce its croissants from start to finish in its shop daily. Croissants must be rolled by hand, made from a yeast-based dough and with 100% pure butter.

The Famous Croissant…

As an iconic pastry, rich in tradition and history, the croissant results from the transformation of local produce such as flour, milk, butter and eggs. Most popular under its pure butter recipe, artisans have made their name and trademark with signature recipes and new types of croissants are pleasing our pallets every day.

Get ready and wake up early to get your hands on those hand-made buttery croissants at only 1,25$ each on April 28th! 


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