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Toronto tackles potholes on Super Bowl weekend


There’s another kind of blitz happening this Super Bowl weekend in Toronto – a pothole blitz. Crews will mobilise on Saturday, February 1 to repair as many potholes as possible on Toronto’s expressways, major roads and neighbourhood streets. This marks the first pothole repair blitz of 2020. 

Numerous freeze-thaw cycles over the past few weeks have resulted in an increased number of potholes.

On a typical day, 25 crews are out repairing potholes. During the blitz, as many as 60 crews will work all day to fill potholes across the city. Crews will begin on the Gardiner Expressway and the Don Valley Parkway early Saturday morning, to take advantage of lower traffic volumes, before moving to other city streets. 

“This is a much-needed pothole repair blitz. I want to thank City staff for making the right call to get work done this weekend during this period of dry weather between snow falls,” says Mayor John Tory. “These repairs will make our roads safer for all those who drive and cycle on our streets so please be respectful of the crews as you encounter them on our roads.”

People who drive and bike are advised to expect minor delays. The public is asked to be safe by respecting work zones and giving crews space while they make repairs. 

Pothole repair blitz crews are comprised of the same City staff who handle road maintenance, snow clearing, street sweeping and other maintenance work. 

How potholes are created

Potholes are created when water penetrates the top layer of asphalt through cracks in the road. When the moisture freezes and expands, sections of the pavement are forced up. The weight of vehicles going over this section of road breaks the pavement and the asphalt is forced out. 

The City budgets between $4 million and $5 million annually to fix potholes. Each pothole costs about $25 to repair. 

Learn more about how Toronto manages potholes or report one that needs to be repaired at toronto.ca/potholes. The public can also report potholes by calling 311 or by using the 311 app available online. 

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