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Toronto tiny shelter builder vs City of Toronto – Legal fees adding up


This past Sunday over 800 protesters took to the street and demanded the City of Toronto drop a filing for a court injunction against the Toronto tiny shelter builder. Toronto carpenter, Khaleel Seivwright has built over a dozen tiny wood shelters for the homeless to stay warm during the harsh winter.

The protesters went to Toronto Mayor John Tory’s condo and left notices on a cardboard cutout of the Mayor. The notices showed the protesters were in support of the Toronto tiny shelter builder.

The city feels the wooded structures are unsafe and it is illegal to dump the tiny shelters on Toronto city property.

Toronto tiny shelter builder Khaleel Seivwright

The builder of these Toronto Tiny Shelters is Khaleel Seivwright.

“Instead of working with Seivwright and giving him an award for his service to the people the City of Toronto has decided to serve an injunction and we think that’s just reprehensible and really not OK, said Greg Cook, an outreach worker with Sanctuary Ministries of Toronto and a member of the steering committee of Shelter and Housing Justice Network.

“The Toronto Mayor is picking on Seivwright when the issue is really about affordable housing,” added Cook.

Khaleel Seivwright posted on his Instagram page @torontotinyshelters :

“Thank you all for the support. People have been asking how they can help me and the tiny shelter residents. I’ve recorded a video to answer some of the questions I’ve been getting this past week.

“To give you an update, the City has not dropped its case against me.

“The tiny shelters were meant to give temporary shelter to those in need. People still need them. Yesterday there was an extreme cold weather alert. It went down to -15 last night. COVID-19 is in the homeless shelters all over the city.

“Along with dropping its case against me I am asking the city to stop removing the tiny shelters while temperatures are still low and COVID-19 is still being spread in homeless shelters. Removing tiny shelters right now is putting people in unnecessary danger,” said Seivwright on Instagram.

As this case continues, and because others have asked to donate, I’ve decided to open a GoFundMe donations page to accept contributions towards my legal fees.

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