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Trudeau jokes about Trump with world leaders at Buckingham Palace


The whole world is talking about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today. Trudeau was caught on a press pool camera by a CBC producer no less, talking behind Donald Trump’s back at a NATO reception at Buckingham Palace.

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau was holding court and joking with several world leaders about U.S. President Donald Trump holding a 40-minute press conference. The camera caught the Canadian Prime Minister engaging in light-hearted conversation about the U.S. President with U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, President of France Emmanuel Macron, the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and the Royal family’s Princess Anne.

It resembled the sort of conversation one would have down at the local pub, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson in this case asking President Macron why he was late to the reception, (no different than asking why one of your friends is late again to the pub meeting) to which Prime Minister Trudeau replies, “He (Pres. Macron) was late because he (Pres. Trump) takes a 40-minute press conference off the top.” President Macron then explains something about his meeting with Trump which is inaudible.

Then Prime Minister Trudeau gets animated in the conversation, describing Trump’s aides in shock with their jaws dropping because their President made an unscheduled announcement that the next G7 would be held at Camp David, at which point the group of world leaders have a chuckle.

The response from numerous media outlets about this “caught on camera” interaction, suggests that PM Trudeau has made a big gaffe talking behind Trump’s back after the two leaders only just had a fairly positive 30-minute meeting. Also, it is being suggested that Prime Minister Trudeau’s candor in light of knowing there was a fixed press pool camera placed at the reception was somewhat out of line.

But another take on this whole “Talking behind Trump’s back” media circus is that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is someone that world leaders gravitate towards and engage with at high profile political receptions.

by Terry Lankstead

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