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TTC repurposes decommissioned buses for Toronto Paramedics


TORONTO, ON. APRIL 21, 2020 –– Working together, the TTC and Paramedic Services have repurposed five decommissioned TTC buses to safely transport both ambulatory and stretcher-bound patients, including those on ventilators. 

Each bus can transport three stretcher-bound patients, eight to ten ambulatory patients (dependant on spacing for physical distancing), plus three paramedics and one driver. 

above City of Toronto reveals decommissioned buses repurposed for use by Toronto Paramadics.
They posted the press release and images of a repurposed TTC bus on twitter.

The converted buses represent a key component of the City’s contingency planning to support seamless, efficient, and timely patient care, while also providing important surge capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic. These vehicles provide a variety of multi-patient options, including inter-facility patient transfers, the provision of a staging area for large incidents, and shelter for facility evacuations. 

“I am extremely proud of the innovation and cooperation across our City government to fight COVID-19,” said Mayor John Tory. “This project by the TTC and Paramedics, brought together at wartime speed, responds to an urgent need and will help the ill and vulnerable in Toronto immediately. We are all working together to do our part in stopping the spread of this deadly virus and take care of everyone in our community.”

Modifications to three vehicles were completed yesterday and they will soon be on the road, responding to calls as needed. Modifications to two additional buses are underway. Vehicles will be driven by TTC drivers with paramedics seeing to medical needs of patients. 

Toronto Paramedic Services is the largest municipal ambulance service in Canada, responding to more than 400,000 calls for emergency service each year. The TTC serves some 500 million customers each year and has grown to become one of the most visible and vital public service organizations in the Greater Toronto Area. As this situation continues to change, so too do the needs of the community. The City will continue to explore innovative solutions to adapt and be flexible in its response to COVID-19. 

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