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Utah’s new NHL franchise is in search of a name – vote now


Utah’s eagerly anticipated NHL franchise is gearing up to hit the ice this fall, but one thing is missing: a name. However, that’s about to change very soon.

Ryan Smith, leading Utah’s NHL ownership group (SEG), reached out to fans in April, inviting them to suggest name ideas through a survey. With many submissions pouring in, Smith has launched another survey, giving fans the chance to choose from the most popular suggestions.

The initial voting round, open until May 22, allows fans to select up to four preferred NHL team names from a list of 20 options.

According to the ownership group, “Once the team name has been selected, SEG will work diligently to craft the team identity – logo, mascot, colors, and other branding elements – which will debut for the 2025-26 NHL season.”

As with any crowd-sourced endeavor, Utah’s name pool includes some less-than-stellar suggestions. From the lackluster to the downright bizarre, here’s my ranking of each remaining submission. I’ve also tried to reflect on how each potential team name is important to the state.

  1. Utah Black Diamonds: This name pays homage to Utah’s rich mining history, particularly its association with coal and the Diamond Fork Coal Mine. It also reflects the state’s geological diversity, as black diamonds are a type of rare gemstone.
  2. Utah Blast: “Blast” could reference Utah’s strong industrial presence, including its mining and energy sectors. It could also symbolize the explosive energy of a hockey game.
  3. Utah Blizzard: Utah, known for its snowy winters, is no stranger to blizzards. This name captures the state’s cold climate and winter sports culture.
  4. Utah Canyons: With its numerous breathtaking canyons like Zion, Bryce, and Arches, Utah is synonymous with stunning natural landscapes. “Canyons” highlights Utah’s unique geographical features.
  5. Utah Caribou: Although caribou aren’t native to Utah, the name could represent the state’s wildlife and natural beauty. It’s a nod to the diverse ecosystems found within Utah.
  6. Utah Freeze: This name speaks to Utah’s chilly winters and its reputation for cold temperatures. It also reflects the idea of freezing out opponents on the ice.
  7. Utah Frost: Like “Freeze,” “Frost” emphasizes Utah’s cold climate. It’s simple yet evocative of the winter conditions that make hockey so exciting.
  8. Utah Fury: “Fury” suggests intensity and passion, qualities often associated with hockey. It reflects the competitive spirit of both players and fans.
  9. Utah Glaciers: Utah’s stunning mountain ranges, including the Wasatch and Uinta Mountains, are home to numerous glaciers. This name celebrates Utah’s natural beauty and rugged terrain.
  10. Utah Hive: This name could be a reference to Utah’s industrious and hardworking nature, likening the team to a hive of activity.
  11. Utah HC: “HC” stands for “Hockey Club.” While simple, it provides a straightforward representation of the team’s identity.
  12. Utah Ice: A straightforward name that captures the essence of hockey, emphasizing the ice on which the game is played.
  13. Utah Mammoth: This name could reference the Mammoth Mountain range in Utah, known for its skiing and outdoor recreation. It also suggests strength and power.
  14. Utah Mountaineers: With numerous mountain ranges, including the iconic Wasatch Range, Utah is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and mountaineers.
  15. Utah Outlaws: This name evokes a sense of rebellion and independence, qualities often associated with Utah’s Wild West history.
  16. Utah Powder: Utah is renowned for its light, fluffy snow, often referred to as “Utah powder.” This name celebrates the state’s world-class skiing and snowboarding.
  17. Utah Squall: A squall is a sudden, intense storm, reflecting the unpredictable nature of both Utah’s weather and hockey games.
  18. Utah Swarm: This name suggests a team that overwhelms its opponents with sheer numbers and intensity, like a swarm of bees.
  19. Utah Venom: “Venom” conveys a sense of danger and aggression, fitting for a competitive sports team.
  20. Utah Yeti: The mythical Yeti, often associated with snowy mountains and wilderness, is a whimsical yet powerful symbol. It adds an element of intrigue and mystery to the team’s identity!

Personal favourite: Utah Canyons. This name perfectly encapsulates Utah’s breathtaking natural landscapes and unique geological features. The canyons are iconic symbols of the state, drawing millions of visitors each year. Additionally, it’s a name that can resonate with both locals and visitors, evoking a sense of awe and wonder. It also provides great branding opportunities with its visual appeal.

Editor’s favourite: Utah Montaineers. When I think of Utah I think about the amazing skiing and hiking at their back door!

by Myles Shane

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