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What are some lesser-known money depositing options at Canadian casinos that could work for you?


In almost every Canadian online casino, you need to make a deposit to play most games. In the era of rapidly developing technology and the progress of digitization, we are currently dealing with a fairly wide selection of payment methods. Of course, these differ depending on the casino you choose.

In most online casinos, we have a choice of several or more payment methods, thanks to which we can make an efficient and safe deposit. However, some payment options are more popular than others. Although lesser-known payment methods tend not to attract many players, they can prove to be much more advantageous for high rollers. Below are several lesser-known payment options from online casinos in Canada.

Payment options at Canadian casinos

The more deposit payment methods are possible and available at a certain online casino, the better for the player. Lots of people have multiple accounts in various banks, ewallets or even crypto exchanges so typically any user will find at least one deposit method to fund his casino account.

The most common payment methods at online casinos are credit and debit cards, as well as e-wallets, which exploded in popularity in the last few years.


Like e-wallets, prepaid cards are ideal at Canadian casinos and for those who value privacy. Instead of using a card or e-wallet to fund their account, players can purchase a prepaid card and use its number to make online deposits while remaining completely anonymous. If you think this payment option is right for you, there are many Paysafecard casinos where a prepaid card can do the trick for you.


In Canada, Bitcoin has become extremely popular even in online gambling. Cryptocurrencies allow players to remain anonymous and get their transactions sorted fast and free in most cases.

Bitcoin is a secure and innovative method of payment for goods and services. Compared to other payment methods, no one can stop you from transacting in Bitcoin and your privacy is a lot better protected compared to using a more traditional payment method. It’s also worth considering that some fees may apply to credit cards and e-wallets, and BTC payments have a minimal fee.

Interac Online

One of the lesser-known ways to deposit money at Canadian casinos is through Interact Online. You can transfer money directly from your bank account to your casino account using the secure and fast payment method Interac Online. It is a popular choice among Canadian players and is accepted by many licensed casinos.

You must have an account at one of the Canadian financial institutions participating in Interac Online and be enrolled in online banking to use it. After that, you can deposit money in the casino using your internet banking login information. You can start playing immediately because the transaction is handled in real-time.

The high level of security of Interac Online is one of its advantages. There is no need to disclose any sensitive financial information to the casino itself, as the transaction is made directly between your bank and the casino. Your financial information is kept safe as the transaction is also secured by state-of-the-art encryption technology.

Using Interac Online is also quick and easy, which is a plus. There is no cost to use the service and you do not need to open an account with a third-party payment processor. Since you can use your current online banking login information, it’s also a practical choice.


Another lesser-known method of making deposits at Canadian casinos is Instadebit. Many Canadian online casinos allow the Instadebit eWallet as a form of payment. It offers a high level of security and allows you to make quick deposits and withdrawals using your bank account.

You must register for an Instadebit account and link it to a bank account to use the service. After that, you can transfer money between your bank account and your casino account via Instadebit. You can start playing immediately because the transaction is handled in real-time.

The fact that Instadebit is extremely secure is one of its benefits. Your personal and financial information is safe because you do not provide the casino with essential financial information. Instadebit also uses state-of-the-art encryption technology to protect transactions and data.


Every online casino tries to offer users the widest possible range of payment systems. With the active growth of the gambling segment, the number of payment methods available in online casinos has also increased. But it’s worth giving a chance to lesser-known options as they can bring you many advantages at online casinos in Canada.

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