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What to Know About Industrial Electricians


Industrial electricians are essential to the functioning of modern-day society. They provide a variety of services related to repairing and handling equipment in an industrial environment. Due to how important it is for industrial electrician to do their job well, industrial electricians are required to be knowledgeable about many and specific topics and must complete apprenticeships to verify their education.

Industrial electricians do not have the luxury to be able to make minor mistakes on the job because more often than not, the equipment they work with is expensive and important.

Industrial Electricians vs. Other Types of Electricians

There are a few different types of electricians, with industrial electricians being one of them. Unlike commercial electricians who work in commercial builds such as malls, or residential electricians who work in buildings such as homes and apartments, industrial electricians often work in manufacturing plants and production facilities. Thus, the electrical systems and machinery they deal with on a daily basis tend to be much more expensive, sensitive, and complex than that of their counterparts. Due to this, industrial electricians must have an in-depth and large base of knowledge about electrical systems ranging from micro-currents to high voltage components.

What do Industrial Electricians do?

Industrial electricians are often tasked with installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems in industrial facilities, and are often included on construction teams to help install and check new equipment and systems. Some specific jobs of industrial electricians include maintaining A/C and D/C/ main power generation systems, creating procedures and guidelines for plant operations and maintenance, and troubleshooting as well as identifying problems. These are but a few examples for there is much more industrial electricians are expected to handle. Industrial electricians must also, on top of having to know their way around electrical components, be able to read and interpret blueprints and be up to date on local electrical code specifications. Sometimes more experienced industrial electricians are expected to help train those newer to the profession as well as lead teams.

Electricians in this niche typically work as either an independent contractor or full time for an employer, and they usually have to report to a shift supervisor or plant manager. Regardless of who employs them, their work schedules can be unpredictable. Industrial electricians, depending on what the situation calls for, work on weekends, in the evening, and even overtime. On jobs industrial electricians will work either in small groups or alone, and as expected, this depends on the nature of the tasks they are required to complete.

Qualifications for Industrial Electricians

Becoming an industrial electrician requires more than just knowledge about electrical components. A quality industrial electrician should also be well-versed in electrical safety codes and regulations, understand technicalities, and at a minimum be proficient mechanically. Education wise, industrial electricians must have at least a high school diploma and in some cases, they need an Associate’s Degree. They also cannot work without at least some experience in the field, and to meet that criteria many complete apprenticeship programs. Industrial electricians with strong verbal and written communication skills who are capable of managing projects and making decisions on their own are ideal.

The nature of an industrial electrician’s work demands physical stamina, critical thinking skills, and good communication skills. It is a given that industrial electricians must have physical strength because they are often expected to move around heavy objects. Critical thinking skills are essential to industrial electricians because they must be able to figure out how to solve issues that if left unattended, could cause major damage. Communication skills are important to industrial electricians because when reporting about the work they have down or the work that needs to be done, they need to be able to relay that information in an easily understandable way without omitting important details.

Hiring an Industrial Electrician

Finding an adept industrial electrician is a serious matter for hiring an incompetent one can be dangerous in a number of ways. When searching for an industrial electrician to hire, it is important to look into how reliable they are, what they specialize in, if they have a flexible schedule, and if they can work efficiently. One way to find this information is by looking into what past clients have said about them. Glowing reviews are a positive sign, more often than not. Another way to search for an ideal industrial electrician is by browsing online profiles. Industrial electricians who are looking to get hired should have their qualifications listed, including if they are licensed. A licensed professional is generally the superior choice to an unlicensed professional. It is worth noting that different locations have different standards for licenses, so it is up to the employer to make sure they are a hundred percent satisfied with their pick before hiring.

Electrical Installations

Overall, industrial electricians operate in specialized environments. They have advanced knowledge and skills in their particular fields of specialization. This may involve working with particular electrical installations or types of equipment. For example, an industrial electrician might specialize in robotics or other highly specialized electrical devices used in the mining or manufacturing industry. 

Choosing an industrial electrician is different from selecting a regular household electrician. The first thing to check when looking for an industrial electrician is the ability to work with highly specialized machines. This depends on their training background. It’s especially important to check whether your preferred industrial electrician has in-depth training to allow them to efficiently and effectively handle the device in question.

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