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What Trends to Expect at Online Casinos in 2022 – Canada


Due to the pandemic, players were compelled to switch from brick-and-mortar to online casinos. With that, online casinos saw immense growth, and it is expected that the majority of players will continue playing online even when the land-based casinos reopen.

The online gambling industry is anticipated to reach C$565 billion by 2022! If you are contemplating entertainment at an online casino, now is the time! The online casino industry is constantly evolving, and there will be more improvements, more security, increased usage of cryptocurrency as a payment method, and so on.

According to Betpal Canada, we’ll see a slew of noteworthy events and alterations taking place in 2022.

We will explain everything you need to know about the latest trends that will define the online casino industry in 2022.

Improved Game Graphics

In the following year, casino game technology trends will also shift. Players are continuously rewarded with new methods to amuse themselves by software developers.

Casino game developers are always improving their games to stay up with the tremendous competition, and one of the most important advancements in 2022 is expected to be the improvement in visual quality.

To provide players with a realistic online gambling experience that replicates traditional gambling as nearly as possible, this growing trend in graphic quality will continue. For example, 4K screen resolution on smartphones, PCs, and other devices used for gaming is a thing now, and the casino games will be improved to match.

In addition to slot machines, the Megaways mechanism will spread. Using this technology, software developers have re-imagined classics including Gonzo’s Quest, Fishin’ Frenzy, Piggy Riches, and The Dog House.

Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays, AI is used by the great majority of websites and will continue to have a huge impact on the gaming business. AI can provide answers to inquiries in seconds by chatbots that resemble human beings.

Blackjack, roulette, poker, and baccarat are just some of the online games they may play. AI might be used by casinos that want to save money while still offering excellent service to their customers.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is used in the online gaming business via Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Things-based games (IoB). IoT is a data-gathering network that connects all kinds of devices. This system can accept data in any format, which helps it provide better service, and we expect it to be more widely used in 2022.

For the system to work, no interaction between players and computers is essential. The information gathered by the IoB is then used to tailor its services to the individual needs of its customers.

Increased Security

The unrestricted availability of online casinos is a significant selling point, but security issues are also a problem. If the proper measures aren’t in place, scammers and fraudsters might get their hands on important information.

To keep their customers safe, gambling facilities have traditionally depended on cutting-edge security methods. To preserve privacy, all online conversations are authenticated. The encryption key provided is the only way to access SSL certificates and other information.

SSL encryption is the most common kind of security on gambling sites, and the largest part of licensed online casinos implement it.

Smartwatch Betting

When smartwatches were originally debuted in 2014, no one was sure how customers would respond to gambling on these devices. After a long absence, smartwatch gambling options have suddenly increased dramatically.

This market is predicted to be worth C$90 billion by 2027, and online casinos will be well-positioned to take advantage of it. Smartwatch-optimized slots are now available at a few online gambling houses.

In order to make more of their games compatible with smartwatches, online casinos will need to build smartwatch apps, and 2022 will see many online casinos jumping on the smartwatch bandwagon.

Crypto Currencies Casinos

Bitcoin and its “digital cousins” are likely to gain the greatest traction in the gaming industry. They are already accepted by a large number of sportsbooks and online casinos.

BTC and other cryptocurrencies are appreciated by online gamblers because of their anonymity and security, particularly when playing. As a result, online casinos are offering massive bonuses to entice new crypto players.

However, one should be careful when using crypto sites. The lack of governing makes it easy for fraudsters to evade the law by laundering their money. Consequently, cryptos will not be allowed in Britain anytime soon, and we expect governments to put stricter regulations on crypto payments in 2022.

Final Verdict

The online gaming industry has changed dramatically over the last two decades and will continue to do so. The competition is fiercer than ever, and numerous online casinos will do everything in their power to get exposure – which can only mean one thing for Canadian players: better online casino service!

Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash

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