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What will Canadian travel be like after COVID-19


The new face of travel once it is okay again

Travel has come to a standstill during the COVID-19 pandemic, and virtual tourism is now the norm. Many of us are visiting destinations that we have only dreamed about seeing, via computer screens from the comforts of our own homes.

As serious as this COVID-19 pandemic is, there will be light at the end of the tunnel. Although our day-to-day lives and activities are in turmoil, our impatience regarding when we return to some form of normality is a growing concern, take this time to plan a break when travel restrictions are lifted, but understand there will be limitations.

Here are 8 travel predictions for when the COVID-19 pandemic is over

Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre, Golden BC.

1) Travel within Canada will increase.

Given the security of being on our own turf, reducing the risk of spreading the virus and the closeness to assistance and aid, should any be needed, people will tend to travel and explore our own country more than ever before. Provinces will experience a large jump in visitations by fellow Canadian travellers.

2) Deep and attractive discounts to ignite the travel market.

Airlines and destinations will discount pricing across the board on domestic travel, but more so to international destinations. These discounts will be launched as soon as travel restrictions are lifted and it is safe to resume operations with carriers and within countries. As a consumer, be ready to act on the deals that will be offered.

Have you been hoping for a destination wedding or just to experience your dream vacation, this will be the time to book because the pricing will be too good to pass up!

A few words of caution; check the restrictions, stipulations and deadlines on times of travel before you book.

3) Discounts will be short-lived; book early and fast.

Expect discounts to be offered to kick-start the tourism industry and get it back into full swing. But the discounts will not last long and as soon as the first wave of flights and hotels are booked, prices will revert back up to pre-COVID-19 or higher pricing.

4) More tourists will travel to dream destinations.

There will be an emergence of new “must visit” dream destinations that will be less crowded and thus less of a COVID-19 hotspot. What does this mean? Simply, fewer tourists, less crowded beaches, and places where you have a better chance of maintaining at least 2-metres distance for others, or much more.

5) The New Dream Destinations may have limits.

The reason why many of these new less crowded dream destinations will be popular is because they do not cater to a volume based tourism model. They have limited amenities, limited hotel rooms, limited food, limited space, limited services, but provide spectacular scenery, unrivalled serenity and an escape from the part of the world we live in.

Keep in mind that these locations, and all others around the world, will implement stricter guidelines for visitors to enter their countries.

6) Even longer waits at airports and tourist destinations.

Once the world is fully reopened, things will not be quite the same and there will a “New Normal” will arise. Already, sanitization has been ramped up, and the wearing of masks has been made mandatory at most airports. But expect new travel restrictions and screening processes to be implemented at airports around the world to spot/catch potential health risks, like Covid-19, making the screening/verifications line-ups and approvals a much longer process. It is for our safety and theirs, so be prepared!

7) Medical certificates may now be required.

There is a good possibility that we will be asked for a COVID-19-free medical certificate when we start travelling again. It sounds outrageous, but not beyond the realm of possibility oras mentioned the screening may even take place right at the airports. This is to keep everyone safe from the spread of the COVID-19 virus or any other potential health risks.

8) Appropriate Travel and Medical insurance is a must.

Quite simply as the credit card company states, “Don’t leave home without it!”

Travel will become exciting again but we will all need to follow new restrictions, exercise caution and have a whole bunch of patience. This will be our new normal! Travel Safe!

Frank Greco is a world traveller and television producer of “The Travel Guy, Gourmet Escapes,” and other lifestyle programs and documentaries. Follow Frank on Instagram (thetravelguy1 and travelwithmeandde); become friends on Facebook (www.facebook.com/frank.greco.338); subscribe to Frank’s Free Youtube Channel (Frank Greco-The Travel Guy).

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