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Win big by sending money to Bangladesh via ACE Money Transfer – 4 iPhone 14 Pro 128GB and a Brand New Suzuki Alto could be yours!


There is exciting news for the Bangladesh expatriates right around the corner who are planning to send money to Bangladesh from overseas in the weeks ahead.

ACE Money Transfer has come up with a unique opportunity for the Bangladeshi diaspora to benefit from its most recent “Salam Bangladesh” promotion. Now, the people of Bangladesh residing in different countries can win more exciting rewards in the promotion of ACE Money Transfer.

In this campaign, Bangladeshi expatriates can stand a chance to win one of four iPhone 14 Pro (128 GB) and one brand new Suzuki Alto LXi in a series of lucky draws.

A Brief Background about the “Salam Bangladesh” Promotion

Bangladesh is a developing country whose people suffer from poverty and unemployment. They travel to other countries to find better work opportunities to earn a high income to ensure their families lead a financially decent living.

ACE Money Transfer has always ensured that while its valued customers avail of its money transfer services, they get some extra benefits. The firm launches various promotions for its expat customers worldwide, where “Salam Bangladesh” is one of the most renowned campaigns explicitly designed for Bangladeshi diasporas. These expatriates win huge rewards through this promotion, which they’ll otherwise spend extra money to buy.

This campaign is about upholding this tradition and continuing the legacy explicitly designed for the Bangladeshi expatriates this time. Millions of Bangladeshi expatriates across the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland can win prizes in a series of lucky draws simply by sending money to Bangladesh using ACE Money Transfer.

An Insight Into The Exciting Campaign

Any Bangladeshi expatriate who will send money to Bangladesh online with ACE Money Transfer from the 1st of October till the 30th of November will become eligible for the campaign leading to a total of 4 lucky draws. 

These draws will be held at ACE Money Transfer’s head office, and broadcast live on the company’s official Facebook page. 

The best part of this campaign is that the sender will qualify for one of the 4 iPhones 14 Pro (128 GB), and the recipient will be eligible to win a brand new Suzuki Alto LXi.

Are you wondering how to partake in this exciting contest? As always, this time’s Salam Bangladesh doesn’t involve any complex procedure to participate. The details for making your entries to the draw are briefly explained below.

How To Participate In This Campaign?

There is nothing extra Bangladeshi expatriates are supposed to do, quite literally, but only to transfer money to Bangladesh via ACE Money Transfer during the campaign. The following simple moves must be performed to mark your entries into the draw.

  • All bank deposits, wallets, and cash pickups as paid transfers to Bangladesh only during the said period are eligible for the lucky draws. 
  • There are 4 iPhones 14 Pro (128 GB) for the senders and one brand new Suzuki Alto LXi for the recipients of the remittances. 
  • There are a total of 4 lucky draws scheduled as under:
    • October 17th, the first draw for an iPhone 14 Pro (128 GB).
    • October 31st, the second draw for an iPhone 14 Pro (128 GB).
    • November 21st, the third draw for an iPhone 14 Pro (128 GB).
    • December 5th, the last draw for an iPhone 14 Pro (128 GB) and a Suzuki Alto LXi. 
  • You can make several transactions during the stipulated time to increase your chances of winning the prizes, but all transactions in one day by the same parties will be considered one.
  • Since the car is for the recipient of remittances in Bangladesh, the remitter can nominate anyone on their behalf to collect the prize after winning. 
  • Winners will be informed through emails and calls, and in case a winner cannot turn up to collect the prize, within 7 days of the draw, a redraw will be conducted. 
  • The company reserves the right to use the winners’ information for any marketing, promotional or inspirational purposes. 
  • Employees of ACE Money Transfer are not qualified to participate in the campaign, but its valued customers are. 
  • The winners can neither transfer nor cash the prizes. 
  • ACE Money Transfer holds no responsibility whatsoever if a winner is liable to pay any taxes, according to the local tax laws, as a consequence of their win.
  • The company can cancel any award if it finds any transaction dubious or fraudulent. 
  • The company can alter the dates or the entire process without informing the participants, and its decisions shall be legally binding on all.

Why another “Salam Bangladesh” This Year?

ACE Money Transfer always stands by the global diasporas who live far away from their loved ones and work hard to run their households and support their countries’ economies. Bangladesh’s remittance inflows have recently started facing problems due to various reasons, especially increasing the dollar’s value in the international market and global economic despair. ACE Money Transfer has started its famous “Salam Bangladesh” promotion once again this year to stimulate remittance inflows to Bangladesh. Customers will benefit from the promotion manifold including the regular financial support to their families, the highest exchange rates and the lowest transfer fees, exciting prizes like 4 iPhone 14 Pro and a Brand New Suzuki Alto LXi, and above all, aiding the country’s economy through increased remittance inflows.

Ace Money Transfer – Making Money Transfers Rewarding In Simple Yet Unique Ways

You won’t find such an easy method of winning big prizes anywhere else. Sending money to Bangladesh to support your families’ households is your primary goal of leaving the home country. ACE Money Transfer lets you fulfil the goal in a super-easy, secure, and economical way yet offering exciting rewards like 4 recently launched iPhone 14 Pro 128GB and a Brand New Suzuki Alto LXi. So, don’t let your chance of winning in this promotion slip your hands. Enter the lucky draw by transferring money via ACE’s services till the 30th of November 2022.

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