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Wines that go with tapas


MONTREAL, QC. One of the main features of Spanish gastronomy is tapas and in this article we will show you a few wines to go with Tapas. Tapas in general are small amounts of food that are served in bars to accompany a drink. In Spain it is a tradition to go for tapas: a tradition that consists of going from bar to bar with friends to eat and drink (usually beer or wine).

The origin of this tradition is not very clear and there are various explanations. Some theories assert  that it was born out of the financial interest of the Spanish  tavern owners, who put some salty food such as salty ham so that the customer would ask for more drinks. Others think that the tapas were born from the tradition they had in taverns to cover the glasses of drink with a slice of bread to avoid the entrance of dust or insects.

Another explanation says that the Catholic royalty obliged  to serve food with drink so that people would not get drunk very easily and thus avoid fights .Whatever the origin, tapas are the most exported element of Spanish culture. Tapas or tapas is synonymous with hanging out with friends to have fun and is a delicious way to socialize.

The world of tapas is practically infinite: there are some based on vegetables, fish and red meat. Experimenting with flavors, shapes and even textures  should be the objective  when we think about what varieties we are going to present on the table. Following this, it is best to propose a small set of successful and well-known tapas together with wines that guarantee a harmony to the palate:

For instance, it could be crispy polenta squares  with fried mushrooms  with a glass of Verdejo. Still feeling Italian?. Why not fried eggplant slices with mozzarella paired with a joven Rioja or Ribera del Duero.

How about the classic tortilla de patatas?. Try it with a fino from Jerez de la Frontera or a Mencía from Bierzo.

Other popular Spanish tapas include:

Prawn and Scallop Ceviche, Gambas al Ajillo which is a garlic shrimp dish and stuffed mussels known as Mejillones Rellenadas. All these dishes can be paired with a crisp Spanish Sauvignon Blanc.

Overall, throwing a tapas is a great option for any host. Whether you want to keep it simple with just a few tapas and one wine or prefer to have an elaborate spread, a tapas party ensures plenty of variety with wine

Have fun in your next tapas party and remember to respect proper health recommendations for Covid-19 pandemic.

Marques De Caceres

I recently retasted the wines of Marques De Caceres, an all time favorite in the SAQ shelves. The Excellens line is a premium side project to complement the traditional lines of Caceres wines. The Sauvignon Blanc and Rioja Reserva are new products at the SAQ and are worth checking out.

Enrique Forner founded Marqués de Cáceres Unión Vitivinícola S.A in 1970 in Cenicero, in the heart of Rioja Alta.  Thus, a historic alliance was opened between his family, with a long wine tradition, and the best vine growers in the region.

Excellens Sauvignon Blanc 2018 DO Rueda

Textbook Sauvignon Blanc. Very aromatic with notes of passion fruit, kiwi and pineapple. Subtle tones of green pepper and white pepper. On the palate, it is fragrant with a crisp acidity and a good mineral sensation. Quite elegant with a good volume as well. Perfect pairing with seared salmon.

Marques de Caceres Reserva Rioja 2015

Plum and cherry jam with a hit of graphite and dark chocolate. Ripe mouthfeel with exquisite fruit layers complemented by a touch of menthol. Beautiful finale reminiscent of dried flowers. Impressive length and concentration.

Marques de Caceres Excellens Cuvee Especial Rioja red LCBO vintages #10684 $17.00

Lovely perfume on this modern Rioja. Great aromas of cigar box, red currants with cassis and prune jam. On the palate, the wine displays a lovely concentration with a polished mouthfeel and silky tannins. Great exotic middle eastern spicy finale. Give it a few years for the wood to integrate or carafe it an hour before serving it.

Marco Giovanetti
Marco Giovanetti – info@mtltimes.ca
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