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Winter Activities for Every Type of Torontonian


For some of us, the first hint of snow and below zero, winter temperatures is cause for celebration — an annual, beloved transition easing us into months of oversized sweaters, holiday drink menus, Christmas celebrations and borderline excessive re-runs of Elf. For others, it might feel more like a rude awakening into icy roads, short days and a seasonally depleted immune system.

Fortunately, whether you’re someone who races to Nathan Phillips Square as soon as the ice rink is intact, or someone who prefers to hibernate during the winter months, Toronto has a little something to offer everyone (aside from just the Christmas Market and ice skating), that can help to make winter enjoyable, or at the very least tolerable. And since we know that you’re probably busy checking items off your Christmas list, we’ve done the work for you:

1. For The Cold Weather Hater

Hey, I get it. I woke up to a notification of a -27C temperature prediction on my phone this morning and actually thought to myself, “Is maintaining a career/paying my bills really worth leaving the warmth of my bed right now?” No matter how many layers, or how warm our coats, some of us just aren’t cut out for the frigid climate that Toronto offers each winter. Luckily, there’s still a few fun options available to us:

For the film lovers among us, the annual Top Ten Film Festival at TIFF celebrates and promotes contemporary Canadian cinema and screens the top films from this past year from January 12th until the 21st. For the art lovers, check out The Artist Project Contemporary Art Fair from February 22nd until the 25th at the Better Living Centre. The fair will feature over 250 top contemporary artists from Canada and abroad.

Lastly, for those of us who love to hit the slopes but wouldn’t mind skipping the cold temperatures, check out Axis Freestyle Academy. Axis is actually Canada’s first year-round Dryslope Freestyle Training Facility for Skiing and Snowboarding, featuring dryslopes and speciality trampolines with a variety of rate options.

2. For The Instagram Pro

Social Media Influencers, we see you. Getting the perfect picture for the ‘gram’ can feel like a full-time job. No judgement here; after all, it is the age of social media and if you have over 10,000 people following your online endeavours and a penchant for FitTea, all the power to you. So why not put that new iPhone X to good use and snap some killer pics this winter?

So go ahead and add a little art, light and excitement into your Instagram aesthetic with the annual Toronto Light Festival in the Distillery District from January 19th until March 4th. Admission is free, and the festival is noted as one of the largest open-air, lighting galleries in all of North America.

For a second dose of light-inspired Instagram fire, check out the Winter Light Exhibition from December 8th until March 18th at Ontario Place this winter. The free admission event displays 12 illuminated projects by local artists that will project, shape, transmit, reflect or contain light. Plus, you can even go skating, check out some film screenings at the Cinesphere or warm up by a bonfire while you’re there.

3. For The Foodie

Toronto is known for a lot of things, and it’s restaurant scene is no exception. From January 26th to February 8th, Winterlicious Toronto brings a series of mouth-watering culinary events to the city at over 220 restaurants that will each feature speciality menus at a great prix fixe value. Get your taste buds and restaurant bucket list ready, this year’s line-up is guaranteed to be as mouth-watering as ever.

4. For the Activity-Lovers

Okay, so the cold weather doesn’t phase you and a lazy day indoors doesn’t interest you? We’ve got you covered. Fat bikes are noted as being the latest winter-friendly cycling craze, built to handle varying terrain with ease (including those snowy and icy trails around the city). This winter, Evergreen Brick Works has fat bikes available for rent from December through March, with rentals for as little as $25 and group rides for $10 per person.

Bikes not adventurous enough for you? Take a trip to Tiffany Falls to try out ice climbing (and for the sight seeing). After all, how often do you find yourself with the chance to climb some epic, frozen waterfalls? Climbers must be members of the Alpine Club of Canada (ACC), or be attending an ice climbing class with OneAxe Pursuits.

By: Lauren Ramesbottom – info@r7h.87b.myftpupload.com
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