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Dx3 Toronto 2017 – Metro Toronto Convention Centre – A digital showcase showdown


Dx3 Toronto 2017, Canada’s leading technology, digital marketing, and retail conference just wrapped up and things were buzzing- and not just because of all the tech gear being shopped around. At the Metro Toronto Convention Centre powerhouse brands like Toyota and MasterCard shared space with newer, innovative brands like Shopify and Paypal. Dx3 was filled with exhibitors, marketers, and industry leaders showcasing their newest and greatest inventions, products and systems all aimed at creating a smarter, brighter, and more entertaining customer journey through technology. So many brands, retailers, and tech companies under one roof; Dx3 2017 really brings tech, talk, and transformation to Toronto.

Some of the biggest draws for Dx3 were the heavy duty thought leaders and digital gurus speaking about where they thought technology, retail, and advertising are heading in the near future. Panel discussions like “How VR is Disrupting Everything” and “Creating a Seamless Shopping Experience with Tech” really spoke to the attendees and industry insiders.

Dx3 2017 – Tanya having some fun on the slopes at the Dx3 2017 convention

Dx3 is where Virtual Reality (VR) flowed freely with lots of exhibitors offering headsets showcasing fun experiences, products and services; everything from luxury airline features (United’s Polaris Business Class) to a quick ski escape (Samsung Galaxy S7’s Ski Simulator).

Other super fun activities at Dx3 included HoloCube’s 3D projection system which gives the user a full fashion virtual makeover, Selftraits’ 3D custom printed selfies, and digital agency Art and Science’s “Monster Maker” video game character generator.

Dx3 Toronto convention at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre Talkin’ tech

Dx3 gave digital industry up and comers a place to inform, educate and connect with other companies and brands. Smaller, innovative enterprises are streamlining the way businesses map out the customer journey. Companies like Innerspace bring “location intelligence” to a business’ workspace and Tulip Retail focuses on customer care through sales associate experience and technical data.

Dx3 2017 – Monster maker

Dx3 2017 in Toronto was the place to be for digital marketing, advertising and retail state-of-the-art technologies, brands and data-driven insights.  As everyday consumers, we might not see (or even fully understand) the inner workings of how all these digital advances have anything to do with us, but that’s ok; as long as the apps, products and services work to make our lives easier we’ll keep buying.

By: Tanya Paoli – totimes.ca

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