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10 Best Undercut Haircuts You Should Recreate


Have you noticed?

Generally, all Undercut hairstyles are distinctively attuned with the current men’s fashion. They have a high contrast structure that’s sophisticated and styled to meet each man’s demands.


It’s a no-brainer that, just like many other gentlemen out there, you are in love with this modern haircut. But do you know there are some really cool ways to style an Undercut compared to the old fashion?

Yes, there are:

And guess what, WiseBarber is here to share with us 10 of the most creative ways to rock an Undercut haircut.

See them below:

Undercut With Curls

The thing about curly hairstyles is that they have an aura of feminism; yes, that girly sexiness. And this Undercut variation has just that. Now, for those with stubbornly straight hair, you can curl it perfectly by applying a curl activator gel and working with curling irons. Thank me later.

Slicked Back Undercut

A Slicked Back haircut often represents high class, affluence, and maturity. It is popular among business tycoons and other smart adults. Beware though; if you have a receding hairline, a Slicked Back haircut will expose it further.

Dyed Side Brushed Undercut

Get a more youthful look with a Side Brushed Undercut and flaunt your masculine facial features. For casual parties and dates, dying this Undercut is the way to go. However, if you’re recreating it for official settings, it’s more appropriate to go without the dye. But well, the decision is yours to make. Do you.

Messy Undercut

Don’t be bamboozled by a barber, a Messy Undercut is different from a Curly Undercut. While the latter features well-defined curls to the top, the former has “scattered” top hair. Another difference is that a Curly Undercut is more decent and passes for a formal haircut compared to a Messy one. Rockers beware!

Mullet Haircut

If you have long hair and want to look extremely rebellious, get a Mullet. This haircut is popular among death rockers, DJs, club lovers, and other gentlemen who don’t really like looking gentle. And I must warn that a Mullet is one of the hairstyles you don’t want to recreate if you have a receding hairline.

Wavy Punk

For those wondering about what Undercut haircut should be styled on the first day at work, this one will easily make you noticeable on the team. A Wavy Punk hairstyle is not over the top but it has a touch of uniqueness to it that will always stand you out from every crowd.

Side Part Undercut

Rock this versatile Undercut variation anytime and anywhere. A Side Part Undercut passes for a summer haircut if you trim the top hair to a medium length. During winter, it is ideal to keep the top hair kinky and long to keep the head warm and protected from the cold.

Man Bun Undercut With Beard

The most likely easiest way to achieve a hipster look is by styling a Man Bun and pairing it with a voluminous beard. And with an Undercut, you’ll look more youthful and super clean. However, if you plan to rock a long beard, you might consider researching long beard styles that perfectly complement your man bun undercut.

Braids With Undercut

Appearing last on the list of 9 best Undercut haircuts is an Undercut Braids. This style was created by ancient male Vikings and is so a symbol of respect, honor, power, strong will, and beauty. It is more ideal for casual settings than it is for official ones.

Final Thoughts

And there you have WiseBarber’s A-list of the 9 most creative ways to rock an Undercut haircut. For your info, it may take a few numbers of trials and errors to find out the variation that’s perfect for you. But once you nail the right one, you’ll always have an abiding dopeness. By the way, if you’re curious about the new trend in Toronto, here’s what to know about the hot towel shave.

Lead Photo by Allyson Carter on Unsplash

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