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3 Canadian Cities That Reveal Surprising Truths About Your Driving Style


If you find the hustle and bustle of traffic increases your heart rate, which studies show can be up to five beats per minute faster for anxious motorists, consider a road trip to a Canadian city known for its calm driving environs. A recent study shows that some Canadian destinations might provide travellers with a more relaxed and pleasurable driving experience.

Driving doesn’t have to be a stress-inducing experience,” muses Julianna Marshall, a travel expert at the International Drivers Association.

City with the Calmest Drivers: Kitchener, Ontario

Carrying with it the title of having the calmest drivers, if tranquility is what you seek behind the wheel, point your GPS to Kitchener, Ontario. Ranked as the city with the calmest drivers, motorists on Kitchener’s roads are marked by their patience and placidity, conducive to a gentle motoring journey and lower heart rates.

“Pressure and impatience during driving significantly disrupt one’s focus,” Marshall explains. “Choosing a route taking you through a less frantic city, such as Kitchener, can provide a remarkable difference in your driving experience.”

City with the Most Focused Drivers: Hamilton, Ontario

On the other side of the study’s spectrum is the city with purportedly the most focused drivers: Hamilton, Ontario. Here, motorists are alert and mindful, contributing to a sense of safety and security on the road.

“Even if you’re anxious, knowing that the drivers around you are consciously attentive can give you a reassuring sense of control,” Marshall points out, emphasizing the influence of the surrounding traffic on a driver’s feelings of ease.

City with the Happiest Drivers: The Province of Quebec

If you prefer to be surrounded by happy-go-lucky motorists, tour through the Province of Quebec, labeled as the region with the ‘happiest’ drivers. It seems the notable Quebecois joie de vivre carries over into their driving style, possibly making it a fun and pleasant drive for you.

“Driving among cheerful drivers can reflect positively on your own mood,” Julianna Marshall advises. “A happier driving environment can mean a happier you.”

Making the Most of Your Road Trip

Before hitting the road, it’s important to try and minimize any potential stressors:

  1. Plan your route: Undue stress can be avoided by mapping out your journey beforehand, including alternatives for high-traffic areas.
  2. Keep your vehicle well-maintained: Regular maintenance checks can prevent unexpected breakdowns.
  3. Practice mindful driving: Deep breathing and mindfulness exercises can help manage any anxiety you may experience during your trip.
  4. Take frequent rests: Over-tiredness can quickly escalate stress levels. Plan for regular breaks and overnight rests, if necessary.

“A successful road trip isn’t just about getting to your destination. It’s about the overall journey,” Marshall explains. By carefully considering your route, you can greatly enhance your driving experience.”

In closing, let’s remember that we usually seek out travels, road trips included, for reprieve and recreation. Opting for a route heading to or through Kitchener, Hamilton or the Province of Quebec might offer not just a scenic journey but also a calm, focused or joyful driving experience. Isn’t it time to buckle up and venture towards these Canadian cities renowned for their gentle drivers?

Please credit https://internationaldriversassociation.com/ if you decide to use the research.

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