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8 Cool diamond tennis necklaces you should be wearing this Christmas


Christmas is just around the corner, and with this time of year comes numerous opportunities to flaunt your freshest jewelry. Allow us to convince you that your next Christmas purchase should certainly be a diamond tennis necklace!

This style of jewelry interestingly owes its rise to popularity to athleisure outfits worn by sportspersons in the late 1900s much, much prior to athleisure becoming as trendy as it is now. Very similar to their bracelet counterparts, tennis necklaces are immensely versatile pieces that can pull together various outfits. These sparkly and dainty pieces have been a staple in numerous wedding day photoshoots, and casual everyday wear alike. Their versatility is only one of its many benefits and points of appeal.

They are thus spotted on the aisles of churches for weddings and the aisles of supermarkets when out on a quick grocery run. Read on for some handy tips on the most beautiful diamond tennis necklaces you should be buying and wearing this festive season.

What is a Diamond Tennis Necklace?

For the uninitiated, a diamond tennis necklace refers to an uninterrupted diamond strand worn across the neck. The chains are called so as they are similar in style to the classic tennis bracelets that were popularized in the late 1980s; These neckpieces have once again been revived and have become a trendy piece of jewelry to own. Read on and you will see exactly why.

Diamond Tennis Necklaces You Should Be Wearing This Christmas

  1. Round cut, White, Gold-tone plated Necklaces

Nestled in gold-tone plated hardware, a sequence of round-cut diamonds on a necklace makes a truly glamorous piece of jewelry.

  • White gold diamond tennis necklace

Similar to the round cut, a white gold diamond tennis necklace is sure to elevate any outfit by miles. Bear in mind that although white gold as a metal suits everyone, it particularly compliments those with cooler undertones.

  • Micro-Pave diamond tennis necklace

Micro pavé refers specifically to very small diamonds (typically less than 0.01 carat) that are uniform in size and set using very small prongs. Tennis necklaces featuring these diamonds are absolutely stunning, making them a good option if you’re looking for a setting that’s more impressive than a conventional chain.

  • Round Cubic Zirconia Tennis Necklace

Although a misleading name, the shape of the stones in these necklaces is also round. Cubic zirconia is a manmade diamond that is structurally identical to natural, earth-mined diamonds.

  • Rose Gold diamond necklace

Choosing for your diamonds to be nestled in rose gold hardware is a charming choice of accessory for your daily wear. Pair this with simple ensembles in complementary shades, and you’ll have a winner.

  • Graduated Line Diamond Necklace

Graduated line diamond necklaces are necklaces that have a variation in diamond size. A common design with these graduated-line diamond necklaces is that the larger diamonds are featured in the center. Each diamond size gradually gets smaller as they progress toward the bail on either side.

  • Square-Cut Diamond Tennis Necklace

An unconventionally shaped diamond is featured in this particular tennis necklace. These thicker diamond tennis necklaces are an effortlessly luxurious piece to uplift any simple ensemble.

  • Double Wrap Diamond Tennis Necklace

Speaking of thicker diamond tennis necklaces, ensure that you consider purchasing a double-wrap diamond tennis necklace before you ultimately decide on your Christmas ensemble! This particular timeless design of the tennis necklace has won hearts and withstood the test of time when paired with simple gowns and suits.

Final Thoughts

When wearing a diamond tennis necklace, keep in mind that your entire planned Christmas ensemble should keep to the fresh, casual, and fun aesthetic of the diamond tennis bracelet. And that’s it – you’re good to go! The key is not to clutter.

Pairing it with minimalist attire or monochromatic clothes would be ideal. As some A-list celebrities have proven in the recent past, there’s just something about seeing the glint of a sparkly necklace from beneath a casual crew neck that is very chic. In the same vein, make sure that your clothing material put the necklace in the spotlight: think – silk slip dresses and tops.

For the ideal casual and classy statement, ensure that the outfit isn’t marred by too many colors or excessive elements. The aesthetic of this ensemble that has won hearts and withstood the test of time has been one of simplicity and style.

Tennis necklaces serve as the ideal accessory to highlight your collarbones and clavicle. As mentioned above, the objective of your ensemble is to come off as casual but effortlessly classy. Do not clutter your choice of outfits, as this takes away attention from the simplicity and charm of a diamond necklace. Let your necklace do the talking!

It is a classic that will always stand the test of time; it subtly but effectively oozes class however you choose to wear it – casual or dressy. That’s why it is no surprise that celebrities walking down glamorous red carpets have chosen to elevate their gowns with this necklace, just as those making quick brunch runs.

So what are you waiting for? Get the dazzling accessory trend of the season that will never go out of style. Use the tips suggested above and become the classic fashionista you have always wanted to be, and remember – a thing of beauty is a joy forever and there is no stone more beautiful than a timeless diamond in a tennis necklace.

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